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Friday, April 3, 2015

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12 Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

12 Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks By – Dec 10, 2014 11 0 SHARE

Clash of Clans may seem straightforward enough, but hidden in the game is a lot of subtlety and room for the clever player to get a leg up on the competition.

Here are 12 of the best tips, tricks, and strategies to take your game to the next level.

1. Get Revenge

It is impossible to play a game 24/7, and Clash of Clans is no exception. When you are away from your device you may be open to attack by other players while your shields are down. It can be discouraging, but it is actually an opportunity in disguise. Whenever you are attacked you have a new menu option: “Revenge.” The “Revenge” option allows you to scout the opponent’s village before you attack, giving you the opportunity to make plans or even train additional units. You can check out their stores and see what they have, find their town hall, check out their level, etc. If they are shielded or online, just check back later and catch them with their pants down like they did to you.

2. Easy Trophies

Anytime you attach a city and take out its town hall you are guaranteed at least one trophy. So, as you scout potential enemies to crush, look for towns with their town halls outside their city walls. This should be a quick and easy victory and a sure way to start amassing trophies.

3. Know the Value of “Weak” Spells

Once you get to a certain level, you may think some spells to weak to be of much continued use. But you should reconsider your assumption. The Lightning spell, for instance, if leveled up enough, can wipe out a mortar or other splash damage defenses. That will minimize your losses and free up more troops to take on other targets.

4. Elixir Workaround

It is not exactly a hack, but a clever workaround that can help you protect your elixir and maximize your troop training. Queue troops to train as you are about to go offline. This will “spend” all of the elixir required to train those troops. But, if you cancel training you will receive your elixir back with no penalty. So, even if you do not need to train more troops, put them in the queue anyway then when you need elixir simply cancel the training. Your “spent” elixir cannot be taken by raiders while you are away and can be recovered in this fashion as soon as you are back. No more worrying about pesky raiders taking all of your elixir while you are gone.

5. Weak Town Halls Can Mean More Resources and Safety

When raiding other towns, you may have noticed that the amount of resources you recover is affected by the level of your victim’s town hall relative to your own. If their town hall is within 1 level above or below, you will get a standard 100% payout. But, if they are 2 levels above you, you will get a 125% payout, and 3 or more levels will equal 150%. But, going the other way, raiding a town with a town hall 2 levels lower results in a 50% payout, and one that is 3 or more levels will only pay out 25%. Thus, upgrading your town hall becomes a liability both in terms of inviting attacks from others and in limiting your own recovery when raiding. The level of your town hall also affects the cost to search for new opponents in the matchmaking system, so upgrading your town hall can become costly the higher you get.

6. Unloading Trophies

When you get enough trophies, you will find that you attract too much attention from rivals. So, if you want to lose a few of those trophies and look a little less inviting, one of the best ways to do it is by intentionally losing. Of course, that generally costs troops and training time, so it may not seem a very inviting option. In that case, you need a hero! Use your hero in a match you intend to throw by dropping them into the fight then ending the battle before the hero takes any damage. You will drop a few cups and your hero should be ready to go right back into the field, and it cost you nothing but the cups you wanted to get rid of in the first place.

7. Getting Tricky

Surprise is the best advantage any fairly evenly matched army could have. Traps and Hidden Tesla are a great way to deploy a little trickery on your Clash of Clans battlefield. These items do not appear on the opponent’s map, and though there are ways to detect them, your opponent usually only has a few seconds to react before the fight begins. As a result, your opponent may not even notice that these attacks are occurring while they focus on visible targets. A common way to plant such a trap is to leave a town hall outside your city walls but surround it with Hidden Teslas. Unsuspecting attackers will rush it and take heavy losses.

8. Protecting Your Hero

We all have to take a break once in a while, but leaving the game can lead to heros getting knocked out. To avoid this, visit the hero pedestal screen and select “Sleep” mode, not “Guard.” In “Guard” mode your hero will protect your town, leading to a likelihood of a KO. But, in “Sleep” mode your hero will snooze peacefully on his pedestal far away from the fighting, and remain fully charged for the next time you play and want to use him for some good old fashioned raiding.

9. Save the Best for Last

Early on, the goblin missions probably seemed a waste. The payouts were low and the last few missions were really difficult. But, once you reach levels 4, 5, and above, these missions become much more survivable, and the payouts at the end much more achievable. This can be a great way to amass resources, even mid-campaign, and get the extra push you need to come out victorious.

10. Leaving a Town Hall in the Cold

We already discussed one possible reason to leave your town hall outside your city walls, but what other possible benefits could this give you? The most popular reason to do this is to gain the home shield advantage. If someone attacks and destroys your town hall you get at least 12 hours of shield time. That can be huge if you are about to go to sleep and do not want to wake up to find your town in ruins.

11. Be Patient

As with any “freemium” game, Clash of Clans offers gems as a means of inviting you to spend real life money in order to gain advantages in the game. The gems can be used to speed up activities, like training troops. But, it is much wiser to save your gems and be patient than to spend them and start running up your personal debt playing this game. Then, you can use your gems to buy things that are actually important to you in the game and will have a much more long-lasting impact.

12. Be Offensive

Clash of Clans is a game about raiding, meaning odds are usually stacked heavily in favor of the raiding party, not the defender. As a result, your best approach to the game is to be aggressive and stay on offense as much as possible. Spending too much time trying to defend your town will be frustrating and ultimately futile. So, get out there and fight!


Following these tips will bring you great success in Clash of Clans. Although the game is about barbarian savagery, approaching the game with some thoughtful reflection will save you time, headaches, and money and have you fighting at the elite levels in no time.


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