5 New Features in Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta

The grand event by Microsoft and 343 industries is finally over.

It was such a gala time and the live event was witnessed by millions around the globe on different streaming platforms. For the first time, ardent fans of Halo 5 Guardians got to take a peak in to the multiplayer beta. Most critics and fans have already confirmed that the game has finally gone back to its roots and has efficiently done things that made is so successful in the first place. While the beta launches on December 29, which is a couple weeks to go, we will explore some of the best and new features in the game. The maps are small yet action packed and we will be bringing hands on experience out soon for you.

Sprint Infinitely

One of the new and interesting additions to Halo 5 Guardians is that players will be able to sprint indefinitely without any waiting time. It sounds fun but there is a catch; your shield won’t be regenerating when you are sprinting and you have to stand down for it buckle up again. But, the good thing is, there is no need to fully stop to get your shield back.


The new feature lets you not lose grip on a ledge again. If you are leaping to the top to reach a platform but miss it by a short distance, you won’t have to face such issues again because the clamber ability allows you to climb it without landing back into a pool of enemies. The feature is found in most new first person shooters and it is now a part of Halo as well. When you are near the ledge, just press A and your Spartan will automatically hoist himself or herself onto the platform.


The new thruster pack allows you to thrust and dash in any direction of your choice. It is very similar to a jet booster pack but some alterations have been made to its overall movement. For players who have tried titles like Advanced Warfare, this should be really familiar but if you are a Halo fan, it is all known and tried already. They make it easy for you to move out of enemy fire and secure yourself in one quick press of the button.

Smart Scope and Melee

Both functions have been fully revamped in Halo 5 Guardians. Scope gives you wider, more detailed view while melee is more powerful and lets you take the enemies at close quarters.

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