A Rejuvenated Samsung Galaxy Gear May Resort to Tizen OS

Prior to Samsung trying its luck in the smartwatch segment, there have been instances where reputed companies have already attacked the segment.

However, none of them has yet reached the pre-eminent position even vaguely. In the pursuit of being the first company to achieve the impregnable, the Korean giant released its offering in the smartwatch segment, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The device offers a combination of its user-friendly and dedicated functions. However, looking the device up close, it offers an entirely different experience in real life. Let us go through the device to determine what Samsung has to offer to the masses.

The updated version of the Galaxy Gear hits the market with new promises. However, the device would be equipped with the HTML 5 version of Samsung’s own Tizen, this time around. Samsung proposes to give more power to Tizen instead of Android, in the smartwatch segment. Whether it is an accurate decision or not, let us find out.

The reason

In the recent past, Google and Samsung have been tying ties with each other. However, it is obvious while Android can step down, the platform may not be ready to be used in smart watches as of now. There is every possibility of Google compelling the Korean giant to stop its endeavor with the Android smartwatch, until the platform is ready for the latest format. However, it is something Google would have wished to do, right from the beginning, with Android-based tablets from Samsung. It would have saved Samsung from making a compromise on Honeycomb along with getting the awful reviews about unsatisfactory initial tablet experience with Android.

However, one cannot undermine the possibility that the report might be wrong. The Korean giant has been working arduously with various developers on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. However, to move the entire work to HTML 5 applications running on Samsung’s Tizen sounds weird. It would mean that the company would start from scratch once again. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that the Galaxy Gear ecosystem has not been widely developed; therefore, leaving what has been done until now would not be much of a problem for the Korean Company.

Price and Expectations

Released this September, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would be available at a price of $299. The device does not come with any contract. It could be easily availed more like a premium watch. The device comes in a combination of a timeless design of a classic watch and cool smartphone features equipped in it.


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