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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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A Unique Case of Female-To-Female HIV Transmission Reported

A Unique Case of Female-To-Female HIV Transmission Reported By – Mar 14, 2014 2 0 SHARE

The popular belief is that HIV can only be transmitted during sexual intercourse with people of the opposite sex, where there is exchange of semen or vaginal discharge. However a recently reported case of HIV infection has busted this myth. A 46 year old lady from Texas has contracted HIV from her female partner. This is a rare case of being infected by the HIV from sexual intercourse of a woman with a woman.
According to medical practitioners and the women, they were said to be in a monogamous sexual relationship for the last 6 months. One of the ladies had been diagnosed with HIV, yet was said to have not taken her medication in over 2 years. The other lady had herself tested earlier and the results were negative. The lady who has contracted the virus from her partner is said to have not been intimately involved with a male partner in over 10 long years.

The underwent a series of tests and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the two women did indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse which lead to exposure to vaginal fluid and even menstrual blood. This could have lead to the partner getting infected. The HIV virus is said to have been found in vaginal fluids and of course blood so even though it’s really rare, the possibilities cannot be denied.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains that when one partner in infected they should continue to take their mediaction religiously and even practice safe-sex for the safety and well-being of their partner. This drastically reduces the risk of contracting this deadly virus that could lead to AIDS.

The other potential causes for contracting HIV from female-to-female intercourse could be due to sharing syringes, heterosexual sex, tattoo needles, sex toys or even Cannulingus.

The woman would earn from selling her plasma as means to add to her income. This was when she was tested and the results were negative. This confirms her doubts about being infected by her partner who has been with her for nearly 6 months now. Besides the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the virus contracted by this Texan lady and found 98 per cent sequence identity in three genes between her virus and the one who infected her.

In April of 2010, the lady, after donating the woman visited the emergency complaining of a fever, nausea, inflamed throat and recurrent diarrhea. At this point she was tested for the HIV virus and the results were negative. She was treated for a lung infection and discharged. It was just 18 days later that she routinely went to sell her plasma and was refused. At this point in time the results were positive.

There are over 40 million people battling HIV worldwide and this is largely prevalent in the Sub-Saharan region. Asia too has an alarming number of infected people as well. The HIV virus is the leading cause for AIDS which is terminal and scientists are yet to find a cure for the same.


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