Adobe Flash Player 14 – Download Latest Version and Enjoy Anisotropic Filtering and Improved Stability

Competition has been tough for Adobe following the recent introduction of HTML 5 as an alternate option for media streaming.

Despite that, Adobe Flash Player is still the king when it comes to streaming of online media content thanks to its ease of use and comfort associated with it. Furthermore, this software is also available online for free download.

Ease and Comfort of Use

The recent update to Adobe Flash Player 14 has seen some new features come along with the software. It is now more stable than the previous versions and users can now have better experience that is very streamlined. Adobe Flash Player is still dominant in the market despite facing stiff competition from HTML 5. It is because it is very easy to use. In addition, Adobe Flash Player 14 is compatible with many internet applications and as such, it is still very popular.

You can find Adobe Flash Player on very many websites. The number of users using this software across the globe is more than multiple millions and as such, the developers are always tasked with the duty of rolling out frequent updates that will ensure these large client base remains loyal. This is something in which they haven’t failed and it’s quite impressive to see the new features and updates in this new and very stable version.

Download Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta Version

Adobe Flash Player 14 has a beta version available for download. Even though a later version of this software, Adobe Flash Player 15 is already out and rolling, many users are still using version 14. What this means is that developers at Adobe need not to sleep, rather, they should keep rolling new updates and features for this version. Since its May 2014 release, this player has received few improvements and updates as well as several bug fixes and security updates.

Enjoy High Quality Images with Anisotropic Filtering

This is by no doubt the best update of this version of Flash Player. Anisotropic filtering is used in video games to improve the texture of content and ensure the display is crispier and clearer. With this filter, users get videos of the highest quality.

This feature is already working for desktops and a plethora of other devices that are compatible with Adobe Flash Player 14. Gamers and general users watching a video online can have a better view of the images regardless of their position. With this new version 14 of Adobe Flash Player, users can set different filtering levels.

Stage 3D Profile

Another major update that highlights this new version of Adobe Flash Player 14 is the new Stage3D Standard Profile feature that enables the player to be fully compatible with Context3D applications. It enables Flash player to have several targets at a time, create floating-point targets as well as improve it.

This new version of Adobe has many features that all users can enjoy. Version 14 is also available in beta form and it can be downloaded from the official Adobe website.

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