Adobe Flash Player 14 Updates Bring New Stability Features

While the world is slowly shifting towards using HTML 5 as an alternative for media applications, Adobe’s own Flash player continues to dominate the entire web because of its ease of use and the way it has acquired most places online.

Almost every website uses the program to run rich media content and to deliver ideas in a creative manner. You can create interactive banners, wallpapers, and even games that could attract your visitors.

The Adobe Flash Player 14 is the stable version of the program while there’s also a beta version that is available for download from the official website. A lot of internet apps use the tool to deliver rich content and here we are going to explore some of the best features of this new update. The Adobe Flash Player 14 got released this year in the month of May and has had a whole lot of bug fixes, security fixes among others that makes it the best option available.

Anisotropic Filtering Capability

Anisotropic filtering is a feature that is usually found in games that make the content look crisper and deliver better image textures. The advanced technology has now been introduced to PCs and other devices that support the new Adobe Flash Player 14. The viewing angle of digital content has been improved and there are also multiple technical updates including the ability to set different levels for these filtering. Creators can now choose to go for 2x, 4x, 8 or 16 x when using the filter.

Stage 3D Standard Profile

This is another new feature that makes Adobe Flash Player 14 fully compatible with Context 3D applications. There are plenty of new additions along with this update which would allow the program to render multiple targets at the same time, make floating point target, as well as make improvements to AGAL v2. It provides features such as forward jump options with specific conditions and so on. All the features when combined together makes Adobe Flash Player 14 as the most trusted media player and interactive content creation platform.

For those of you who like to try more new features as well as the additional content that the developers are going to introduce, a beta version of Adobe Flash Player 15 is now available online which you can make use of. Creating content on this platform requires some technical skills but you can easily acquire it through online tutorials or a course.


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