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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Adobe Flash Player 15 Download Features and Problems

Adobe Flash Player 15 Download Features and Problems By – Nov 2, 2014 8 0 SHARE

One of popular application used for video streaming and visual data on web is Adobe Flash Player. If you are one of those guys who watch YouTube videos daily, then yeah, you are able to watch it thanks to Adobe Flash Player. The Adobe Flash Player gets several updates every year and it seems that the latest Adobe Flash Player update gave headaches to some users.

The company has released the latest version of Adobe, version, but it seems that it can’t be downloaded and installed on PC yet, as the download stops at 97%. Many users encountered this problem and there is a simple way to fix it, just start the download again and it will work just fine. Even if that fixes this problem, it makes the company look very bad in front of their billion users’ eyes. To increase the chances on the download, try to close your web browser, so that you will avoid any conflicts reports within the software.

However, it seems that the new Adobe Flash Player version had some problems playing content also. The new software refused to play any video and instead it gave an error, saying that there is an older version of Flash preventing the content to work properly. This second problem can be fixed by restarting your PC entirely, which after all is a smart move to do, after you install new software on your computer. However, older Adobe Flash Player updates were working just fine without restarting the computer after installing them.

It seems that these issues didn’t occur for every Adobe Flash Player user who updated his software, but in case you get any of these errors, just follow the things we’ve told you above and you will be just fine. Hopefully, Adobe Flash Player’s developers will fix these problems in the future, because these kinds of problems make the company look bad.



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