Adobe Flash Player 15 – Introduction of the Advanced Features

Adobe Flash Player 15 is available for downloading. Both Flash Player 15 and AIR come with additional features and some important fixes for bugs.

Latest Features

The new features include a relaxing of the Stage3D. In all the earlier versions of Adobe Flash Player, after the switching of render texture in Context 3D, users had to clear the same, prior to drawing. However, in the latest release, this limitation has been eliminated, so that render textures use has become more optimized. Users can also optimize and make use of stencil buffers and depth between the various render textures.

Zoom Level Support

The new version also offers improved support in case of zoom levels of the browser for Windows 8. This is in addition to the 100% zoom enabled in IE and in Windows 8.x. In case of Surface tablets, users can also zoom to 150% levels. Earlier, this feature led to some issues in 3D content, but the new version is capable of scaling content with 3D buffers, so that everything remains aligned. The new Flash Player also offers the option of rendering to an additional back buffer for Stage 3D instead of scaling, so that the content rendered remains at a high resolution.

Crisp and Dynamic

The latest modes available with the help of this version will result in crisp text, more artistic features and so on. This is done by making use of advanced text engine and rendering engine.

Change in Orientation to Full Screen for Windows

The new version is capable of detecting and then scaling the content, so that it fits best to a full screen window display when the orientation of the device is changed. The change applies to Windows and is applicable to all browsers. This will offer a very good tablet experience. The resize feature will come into effect when the user is in full screen mode or when the orientation of the device changes.

When there is a change in the orientation to the full screen, the Flash Player is able to find this change and then scale the information fitting it well into the full display, offering real time effects in a dynamic manner.

Stage3D and Video Texture

The Stage3D and the Video texture feature are still in the beta stage. The VideoTexture object is a new introduction, enabling videos that are hardware decoded for use in Stage3D content. This has helped produce a very good quality with a video in low bandwidth, offering improved compression technology and so on. This enables reduction of CPU use and enhances performance of video players that are supported.

Powerful and Adaptable

If you are looking for a powerful and flexible multi platform client, the latest version Flash Player 15 from Adobe is highly recommended for organizations as well as individuals. The run time is available in various languages and the latest update was upgraded this year on 7th August. All types of data receive support along with the availability of multi-media formats and rendering of accelerated graphics, a video recording facility with multi thread and support for webcam and so on. Privacy features have also been enhanced in the latest version.

The new features bring in advanced blend modes and enhancement of stroke along with radial gradient. It is second to no other software and offers animations with graphics, text as well as vector. It also does not occupy too much of space, as it is possible to compress and reduce the size. The program is also available for all operating systems and also for Android. The run time enables access to the web enabling users to gather all kinds of information in this excellent package.

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