Adobe Flash Player 15 Latest Download Includes New APIs for Android, iOS and Windows

With the new Adobe Flash Player 15 now out, Adobe is for sure out to show the world how Flash 2015 will look like.

As one of the biggest tools, which have been working behind the scenes with respect to internet development, Adobe can also be termed as the architect of the modern internet technology, as a plethora of things wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the power of this Adobe flash player.

The latest version, Adobe Flash Player 15, takes an even greater stride into the positives of Adobe and it is unquestionably a product destined to define the future. Having said that, the following are some of the features that Adobe Flash Player 15 offers:

Standard Stage 3D Profile for Android and iOS Devices

In this version’s predecessor, the standard Stage3D feature was introduced; but it was limited only to PC users. This feature has now been extended and it is now available for mobile phone users as well.

A Change in the Fullscreen Orientation for Windows

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player 15 is more intelligent than the previous version. The new version is now capable of detecting and scaling the content of the user so that it fits in the best way in a fullscreen view when the orientation of the device is changed. This change is specific to the Windows operating system and it has been implemented in all web browsers.

Enhanced Performance with 3D Content and Gaming

The Adobe Flash Player 15 comes with an array of features that have never existed before in the history of flash players. This new version will be based on games and gamers will enjoy fast response like never before. Furthermore, zooming of the 3D content for windows devices is expected to be higher than the levels version 14 provides, particularly with respect to the Surface Pro tablets.

Better Quality of Videos and Performance

The Adobe Flash Player’s latest version is focused on aspects of videos mainly due to the fact that there is a new competitor in this niche, HTML 5, an application that has already worked a great deal when it comes to online videos. With this update, users will have a better experience when streaming videos than what the older version offers.

Adobe developers have also introduced new APIs aimed at improving the browsing experience of users on their devices. With this array of features, the Adobe Flash Player 15 is, no doubt, a step ahead of the others.

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