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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Adobe Flash Player 16 Receives Important Security Fixes and Improvements

Adobe Flash Player 16 Receives Important Security Fixes and Improvements By – Jan 19, 2015 18 0 SHARE

Adobe Flash Player 16, the most popular digital content creation tool has received some important security fixes and improvements that make the program much better than it already is.

HTML 5 has fast caught up but Adobe Flash Player 16 continues to be the most widely used digital content sharing platform when it comes to creating interactive websites, videos and games. Besides, the new update will also ensure that the tool is safer to use. Adobe, the developers behind the technology, has revealed a change log that details some of the important improvements, security fixes, and bug fixes rolled out to the flash player.

New Update for PC, Mac and Linux

The newly launched update for Adobe Flash Player 16 fixes seven different code execution related vulnerabilities. The flaw is really critical because if a hacker or someone decides to gain access to it, they will be able to take complete control over your system. In some cases, they may also be able to expose the passwords that you type in with the help of the key logger vulnerability. Both have now been officially fixed which should now put your security woes to ease.

The problem with this vulnerability is that if someone starts key logging your content or gains full access to your computer, you may never be notified which increases the risk factor. You can now avoid this by downloading the latest version of the program from the official Adobe site.

There is a built-in tool which will scan your computer to confirm the version that you are currently running and will suggest if an update is necessary. For users who use multiple browsers, which is quite common in recent days, it is mandatory that you check the flash player version on all browsers before you start browsing.

Critical Issues Fixed

The issues that have been termed critical by Adobe include the ones that exist on Desktop runtime, flash player running on Internet Explorer versions as well as the latest Adobe Flash Player 16 version. So far, it has not been exposed on a large scale and the company has managed to fix these problems quickly before something serious occurs. Adobe has also released a press statement asking every user to update to the version for free so as to stay free from hackers. Other fixes include memory corruption problems, out of bound issue as well as code execution problems.


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