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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Adobe Flash Player: A Transformation

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Adobe is a company that is currently at the crux of a transformation. As computing moves from standalone boxes to the interconnected cloud, it has become necessary to rethink the way in which digital content is produced, distributed and monetized.

As a result, the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player as well as future versions are expected to pack a lot more features which will make it possible to engage with high quality interactive content across different platforms, operating systems, chipsets and even different computer configurations. In this article, we will focus on some of the features that we can expect from Adobe.

In order to make gaming on PC the same quality as that on console, there has been an increased need to have fast and responsive hardware accelerated graphics for games and multimedia content. This is what Adobe has put a lot of their effort on in order to bring the gaming experience on PC on a whole new level that will be more immersive and exciting for players.

There is also the ability to view premium HD videos and with the increased awareness on copyright protection, the new versions of Adobe Flash player are able to provide HD video with copy protection. This is a huge boost for content creators who earn revenue from the video content that they work so hard to create.

The entire architecture that powers Adobe flash player is also being redesigned from the ground up in order to benefit the consumers as well as developers of the platform. New features such as the Audio API will make it possible to experience low latency video from the largest to the smallest of devices.

For the mobile platform, we will not be seeing much change and it has been so since version 11 of the flash player. Instead, the mobile development team is focused on providing critical updates and bug fixes to the product in order to provide a secure video and gaming experience on mobile.

Adobe Flash Builder, the tool used to create flash content by professionals, is expected to undergo a lot of improvements in the coming years so as to provide developers with a tool that they can use to create products that will earn them an income.

With a better code editing environment, flash developers will be able to realize a huge performance boost with a number of key features that are being integrated into the Flash Builder tool.

Adobe Flash professional is bound to receive a major boost in terms of new features which make it possible to build and test adobe AIR apps for a variety of mobile platforms right inside the development environment. This will also make it easier for professional developers to get more done in a short amount of time.

Making and exporting applications for a variety of mobile platforms while still leveraging native extensions will now be a breeze thanks to a new and improved workflow for Adobe AIR apps.

The road ahead is still filled with promises and opportunity for Adobe and we hope to see more improvements and features as time goes by. Hopefully, we will now be able to enjoy high quality content with very low latency and more immersive experiences.


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