Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Guide to High kill Streaks

The latest Call of Duty game is here, and with it brings a fun and competitive opportunity to brag to your friends or to have your friends brag to you about how good they are at the multiplayer. If you fall into that second category, you’ll no doubt want to improve your Advanced Warfare skills so that you can compete with them.

However, that’s easier said than done and that is where this Advanced Warfare multiplayer guide comes in. We’ll take you step by step from being a completely newbie to being one of the players who can dominate every game in just a few steps.


The Class

The first and most important thing most people overlook is building the right class. Every weapon has its place in the game, and you’ll want to make sure you pick one that works with you. Like up close battles? An SMG like the SN6 or the KF5 allow you high damage and good accuracy at close to medium range, and are useful weapons to learn to play. Like to cover a little bit more than just medium range? The BAL27 and HBRa3 assault rifles are excellent choices for you,

Now you’ve picked a weapon, perks to go with it are useful. If you don’t know what to go with, stealth perks help ensure the enemy won’t know where you are, so low profile, cold blooded and blast suppressor will keep you shielded from their tracking tools. This will make any fights you get into happen on more fair terms.

Finally, if high kill streaks are a concern you’ll want to make sure they’re set up right. First of all, pick the ones you think you’ll get use out of, the bombing run may be fun but if you don’t know where enemies are it’s rather useless. Secondly, make sure you have the UAV on your class, as this can help you get even more kills by locating enemies for you.

advanced warfare multiplayer guide UAV 300x203 Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Guide to High kill Streaks


The Strategy

Okay, so now you have the class to win, how to you actually start racking up the kills? Assuming you’re playing team death match, or another kill based game mode there is no real way to know where enemies come from, right? Wrong. In team death match you should always try to stick to the edges of the map, as it limits your potential to be shot in the side. It also gives you the ability to see things happening in the middle of the map, and sneak up on people.

It is this sneaking up on people that will result in the easiest kills. As good as you are with hitting your first few bullets, your accuracy and gun skill don’t matter if you don’t have a chance to respond. Doing this to enemies ensures they can’t even respond. You will want to bear in mind however that you’ll need to keep moving if you don’t want to have the same happen to you.

You’ll also want to remember that cover will help or hinder you depending on how you use it. If you have the smallest amount of yourself and your gun showing over the cover, it makes it very difficult for enemies to respond at all. Therefore, when moving around the edges of the map always keep an eye out for cover to quickly rush to.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using your exo-abilities to their full. As long as you have blast suppressor on, people are unable to track you based on it, and boost jumping will gives you access to new buildings to shoot from, and boost sprinting will get you in an out of cover much faster than any game before it.

Finally, once you’re on a streak it’s always tempting to rush out to get the last kill, but in general this will lead to a quick death and frustration. The best players will realize that staying calm and perhaps even slowing down is the best way to get the last kill for a kill streak.


Using all these tips together will take you from a below average player to a player that is getting high kill streaks every game. Hopefully it helps you, and remember not to brag too hard!



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