Advanced Warfare Top 5 Best Guns In Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare recently arrived and entirely changed the dynamic of the multiplayer in the series. Although the re-designed maps and new jumping abilities may seem like just a slight alteration to the formula, but in reality they change a lot about how each weapon plays and what makes a good weapon, and therefore who dominates online and who doesn’t. Assuming you’re reading this page, you want to fall into the second category. Here is a list of the Advanced Warfare best guns that you should be using in your class to help yourself improve.

#5 SN6 – The SN6 is an SMG which has striking similarities to the UMP45 from previous games, as it offers a low recoil alternative to the rest of the SMG’s, which allows you to take on the longer ranges needed for rooftop to rooftop combat while still being able to kill enemies inside without too much hassle because of its first 3 bullets firing faster. This weapon has bad iron sights, but a simple sight upgrade turns it from an avoidable weapon to an SMG which can hold its own against assault rifles.

#4 AK12 – The AK12 is returning from Ghosts and retains much of the same killing power, just with slightly altered iron sights. The AK12 is perhaps the most accurate option on this list, with fully automatic death coming at a speed and accuracy few weapons can offer. The only major downside to this weapon is that you need to unlock a variant with better sights before it can be used to the best of its ability, and alongside either a grip of extended mags you will quickly see a return on investment once you do.

#3 KF5 – The KF5 is a weapon which is a very good way to introduce yourself to SMG’s. It absolutely tears people up at close and medium ranges, leaving even some shotguns behind when it comes to time to kill. Although long range will see you outpaced by other weapons, this weapon is a great way to learn to stay at close range by using your boost dashing, and on a close range map like Ascend or Bio lab this is perhaps the best option on the table.

#2  IMR – The IMR is a weapon that is perhaps the most unique on the roster, being a 4 round burst weapon which can print its own ammo. This gives you an unlimited supply of ammo, and given the high fire rate you can kill people incredibly fast with this weapon. This weapon does require a fair degree of accuracy, so if you like burst fire you’ll be right at home here. Otherwise there’s always #1…

#1 BAL 27 – This is a weapon you’ve no doubt seen used all over any map, and there is very good reason for that. The BAL 27 is an assault rifle mixed with an SMG, offering close range hip fire which is unrivaled by anything but a shotgun, while still entirely holding its own at long range. This weapon has amazing sights and results in fast kills with little effort. If the regular version isn’t enough there are even a few variants which will increase damage, and these can be paired with a grip to make a very quick killing gun.

So there you have it, the top 5 best guns in Advanced Warfare. Hopefully using one will help you elevate your game to the next level!

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