Android 5.0 Lollipop – A Comprehensive Review on the Latest Features

During the past 6 years, Google has changed the name of the different Android versions 10 times.

The first version was named Cupcake, the latest was KitKat and now we have seen a new version of Android, the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Lollipop is sort of revolutionizing the Android, just like the Ice Cream Sandwich once revolutionized it. Considering that nearly 3 years since the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich has passed, it was time for a new revolution that will bring some more notable changes, especially when it comes to the design of the interface, since it has generally been unchanged so far.

This Android 5.0 version is actually a stock version of the Lollipop and it will be different depending on which device you pick up.

Design and New Features

When you turn the device that has the new Android version installed, you will notice that it has really moved forward. A great addition is that the wizard will ask you if you want to restore the files that were backed up on the previous devices you owned (they had to be linked to the same Google account), and you can choose which files and apps you wish to restore, and which ones you do not. If you happen to have an additional Android device with you, you can now sync the accounts by using NFC, so you do not need to enter all the passwords and accounts on your new phone as you can simply touch the devices, and your new device will automatically receive all accounts and passwords that were present on your old one.

At the very first glance, it is quite obvious that it is a completely new version of the Android. Some changes might have been seen on some of the more recently updated apps, but everything feels completely new, and it looks spectacular. The first thing that you will notice are the new navigation buttons that are designed like the buttons of the PlayStation joystick are, so you will be able to see a triangle, a circle, and a square, which are back, home, and multitasking keys respectively. The multitasking key opens a menu with more shortcuts than you are able to count. It has every menu, as well as submenu listed, and after several days of use, you’ll notice over 40 different shortcuts. For every open conversation in Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Viber, you will notice a different shortcut. This can be seen as an advantage, as well as a disadvantage, depending on your preference. The new version of the Android certainly introduces a lot of changes to the table and it might be a bit hard for some users to get used to, especially when considered that it is now much more oriented towards the users that prefer having multiple apps open at the same time. Some might prefer pressing the home button, then finding the app they want to use and clicking on it in order to use it, while the others that prefer fast app switching will be very happy with the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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