Angry Birds Free Faced Such A Huge Drop In Profits – Here Are the Reasons

There was a time when Angry Birds was the name on everyone’s lips.

However, things have changed a great deal these days and despite the fact that you can play Angry Bird free, most people have shifted to other choices. If you are wondering as to what is the current status of Angry Birds and how is the game faring, you need to know that the situation doesn’t seem to be extremely promising.

The Tumbling Profits for Angry Birds

In a recent report that was released, Rovio entertainment revealed that the company is facing a dismal time as its profits have tumbled substantially. This Finnish company, which once enjoyed commendable success with its Angry Bird free series, has reported a decline in profit by nearly 50 percent that is pretty huge. Even the increase in sales has been extremely disappointing as the net increase in sales percent over last year has been only 3 percent.

This has forced the developer to think of some strategies because it seems likely that Rovio entertainment too may be heading the same path as Zynga, the development of once a popular game, Farmville.

The Changing Times

Back in 2012, Angry Birds topped the list of most downloaded paid games in the Apple app store. Even now, Angry Birds Star Wars II remains the 16th most downloaded app in the paid app category. The free version of the same game doesn’t enjoy the same high rank.

The developer made an investment in other fields like animation and video distribution. As they made investments in these fields, they had put in greater money and the type of returns that they expected to reap out of the game didn’t materialize. This is one of the key reasons for the steady downfall of the game.

The fact that there are so many games available for free in the app store has been another major cause of the falling profits of Angry Birds.

While there are a few Angry Birds free version that is available, but the best ones are mostly paid and when people get to play cool games for free, they are not likely to pay money for paying others.

It looks like Rovio entertainment should start looking for ways and methods by which they can sort out the things and push the growth of the game in the right direction. The game seems to have died down, as the hype that was once associated with the game, is no longer alive.

Can Angry Birds Be Revived?

This is a million dollar question and it is extremely hard to answer. While there is a probability, but unless a few drastic actions are taken, the chances seem to be pretty slim. The fall in profits has been extremely phenomenal and it is a mirror of the future.

If the company does something radical, we may see a change of tracks. However, it is wrong to write off the company and the game right away. Yet, it is highly unlikely that Angry Birds will ever resume the same popularity that it once enjoyed.

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