Angry Birds Maker Rovio’s Retry is Addictive, Know Why?

For a long time now, Rovio is a company that has been associated only with Angry Birds.

They never did anything new, but simply tried to innovate the slingshot shooter game as much as possible. They introduced Star Wars, which was a good addition that allowed you to give light sabers into the hands of your yellow and black birds, while Stella was more of an RPG take, on the universe, aimed towards teen girls.

Every game in their series had a decent run and Angry Birds Seasons is one of the most frequently updated titles of them all as it receives new content every now and then. But, when they released Retry, a game strongly inspired by the notorious Flappy Bird, we were in for a surprise but after playing it for a couple hours, it continues to addict us and offer unlimited fun. Here’s why.

Polished and Sophisticated

Compared to Angry Birds, Retry is a completely different game where you get to control a retro styled dog fighter and make sure it reaches its destination without hitting any obstacles. The game is much more polished and has a sophisticated game feel to it. It is nowhere as annoying as the Flappy Bird series but lets you complete missions properly, without feeling frustrated. While it does make you retry the game multiple times, because it is not easy to touch the other end of the map; but it still does it in style. You have multiple checkpoints to make use of but they are paid but there are also coins spread across the entire level to make use of. On the whole, it has many elements to keep you glued to it.

Good Difficulty Level and Graphics

The visual finesse of the Angry Birds maker Rovio’s Retry is definitely impressive. Even though, they have tried to copy the 80s style retro games that were famous on Nintendo and Atari consoles, they have made it in such a way that it looks cute. You will surely enjoy its finish and would like to try it more than once.

The difficulty levels are balanced as well and they are not insanely annoying; but rather it gives you a chance to survive, when you are willing to keep trying. Check out the game which is already available for download on the iOS and Android platforms. You are sure to enjoy this change which is different yet as good as the Angry Birds.

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