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Friday, February 20, 2015

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Angry Birds Transformers is Now Available on the Android and iOS

Angry Birds Transformers is Now Available on the Android and iOS By – Nov 4, 2014 3 0 SHARE

Rovio is really busy with back to back releases these days.

Just weeks ago, they revealed the new game named Retry inspired heavily by the notorious Flappy Bird and now the birds are taking a completely new avatar. The Angry Birds Transformers is a new title which is available for download on the iOS and Android Play Store.

Instead of going with the traditional sling shot experience that they implemented with Star Wars games, the developers at Rovio decided to go with a completely new game. The title allows you to play as a bird transformer which runs through in this side scrolling adventure shooter while the enemies will zoom in at you from the sides, in 3D style. The fun doesn’t end there because the game also allows you to team up with a friend and both of you can go at the pigs in true co-op style.

The Story

Most of you might have already heard this story but here we go again. The new Angry Birds Transformers is the story of the Autobirds; yes, there is Optimus Prime which is most probably the red bird according to our assumption and the Deceptihogs which are the pigs. They both are at each other, trying to wipe the other race from the planet.

The weapons are exceptionally unlimited because these are robots and unlike the birds which usually suicide to kill the pigs by being flung from slingshots, here they use actual guns to shoot them down. There are many types of characters in the game each with their own powers and weapons. You can instantly transform your bird into a car, a plane or a boat to escape the scene while changing them back into an auto bird takes less than a minute.


The yellow bird as expected takes the role of Bumble Bee; Hal has become the Grim lock while Bubbles is Jazz. There is a king pig who is Galvatron, king pig which is now megatron and even the chef pig which takes up the character of the sound wave. The game runs on the Android 4.0 or higher and it is free to download, but in-app purchases will be plenty as usual. The company Rovio is not going great even though their Angry Birds franchise is going good in terms of sales. People are quite used to it now which is why they are trying to cut down the losses and come up with a unique title that would boost them back to the top.


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