Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – A Total Game Changer

Though they share a somewhat similar title, Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are two entirely different games with different gameplay, interactivity, graphics and other features as well.

The Ultimate Diversion

Angry Birds has been acknowledged, almost universally, to be the ultimate diversion and is a highly addictive and compelling game. There are many versions of this game and we find the game offered in various themes. Many of the games are free but some of them are paid ones. On the other hand, Flappy Bird also had many people addicted to the game, but it was more notorious rather than famous, being known for the formidable level of difficulty and the frustration that it created among players. Though Flappy Bird is very elementary and basic as far as the game play is concerned, it could give a really tough time to players.


Even the graphics of Flappy Bird was not too appealing, as it was created using 2D graphics. In addition, the game was very soon removed from play stores due to the controversies it had generated. The developer felt that these comments and controversies were interfering with his peace of mind and decided to remove it from the charts. Dong Ngyuen could not deal with the problem, as he claimed that it destroyed his peace of mind and simple life.

On the other Angry Birds was an instant hit and brought in millions of Euros for its Finnish developers.

Difference between Challenging and Frustrating

Angry Birds is a highly interesting and challenging game, whereas Flappy Bird can be described as a highly frustrating game. Dong Nguyen created flappy bird and he is a Vietnam based developer who developed the game during his spare time as a hobbyist. On the other hand, Rovio Entertainment, a professional gaming company, developed Angry Birds. Flappy Bird was first available for playing in the month of May, 2013. It rose to popularity after about seven months. At the peak of its popularity, it was supposed to rake in about $50,000 per day through ads.

The Controversy

When Flappy Bird was taken down from the play stores, all users were very shocked, as it seemed such a foolish thing to do. After all, Flappy Bird was a very successful cash cow and had been bringing in a lot of money for the developer. However, Angry Birds continue to rule in the game arena and the developers continue to release newer versions and themes from time to time. This is because Rovio Entertainment is a professional company and it is driven by profits. The basic difference lay in the fact that both the games were created by different types of developers, one a hobbyist and the other professional. Another difference was that Flappy Bird was a rather annoying game, whereas Angry Birds was a challenging and interesting one.

Flappy Bird – Frustrating Levels

The frustration felt in playing Flappy Bird was that it was very exciting to begin with. However, after some time, the player would be thoroughly frustrated and would not be able to get a high score in spite of repeated trials. The game is a very simple one and the player has to merely tap on the screen and keep the bird flying by avoiding the pipes. Though it sounds very simple, it is very annoying and a small mistake can bring the bird to death and end the game. Most players were only able to score about 5 in the game and even this could only be achieved after hours and hours of play.

Angry Birds – Rewarding

Angry Birds involves different types of birds with varying capabilities and features. The graphics are excellent and the game is challenging. The birds have to be launched accurately in order to hit the target and earn points. Strategic planning is also required for hitting the target correctly. In the end, it is a very rewarding game, unlike Flappy Bird.

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