Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – Relaxation vs. Frustration

Angry Birds – A Game Changer

Angry Birds has been universally acclaimed to be the final game changer, creating a huge stir in the gaming community. When the game was first launched, it created a diversion with many people getting addicted to it very soon. Later, many variations and versions of the game were launched and we find the game available in various themes today. Many of the games are free, but some of the versions are paid ones as well.

Flappy Bird – Frustrating Game

Flappy Bird also became a rage, but it was more known for the formidable levels of difficulty and the frustration that it created among players. The game looked very elementary and easy at first sight, but the bird could give a very tough time to players. The graphics were also not very appealing, as it only made use of 2 dimensional graphics. The game was also quickly removed from the play stores after it created some controversy and resulted in loss of peace for the developer. Due to the formidable nature of the game, many players were losing sleep over the game.

Tolerable vs. Intolerable

Though both the games have the name ‘bird’ in the name, they are both totally different Angry Birds is interesting and challenging to play and comes with a lot of variations and themes. On the other hand, it takes a lot of self-control and patience to play Flappy Bird. Players are quite likely to fling their phone across in a fit of anger and frustration, while trying to win this game.

Graphics Winner

The winner in this round is surely Angry Birds. The graphics of Flappy Bird are almost insulting to the senses, as the developer has clearly not given it much attention while creating the game. In fact, a developer has created the game during his after office hours time, whereas professionals have created Angry Birds.

Moreover, Flappy Bird is a game that is created merely for playing during break times and is not to be taken too seriously. Angry Birds has excellent animation and graphics and was given a lot of attention before its release in the play stores.

Comparison of Gameplay

The gameplay of Flappy Bird is very simple and needs no introduction. You can play the game when you are bored or stressed out. Players have to merely tap the bird and then guide it as it moves through the gaps present in the pipes without hitting the pipes. On the other hand, Angry Birds needs some introduction. The player must also use his/her skills and brain, while playing the game. It is not merely a game that you pick up for passing the time, but more challenging and interesting. It is not very easy to play and the game play is rather complex. Players have to depend on the trial and error method of gameplay for winning some of the difficult levels.

What is really difficult to understand is that Flappy Bird is such a simple game but very difficult to get a high score. It has received a lot of mixed reviews and opinions from various players, with many of them getting very tired of the game and tired of trying to win. Finally, the developer had enough of the game and deleted it from the play stores.

Angry Birds – Relaxing the Mind

Angry Birds can have the effect of relaxing the game, as the game play is fun and interesting. Flappy Bird cannot do anything by way of relaxing the mind, as it will only keep you up all night due to the frustratingly difficult levels. With Angry Birds, players derive a sense of achievement while finishing a level, whereas there is no such sense of accomplishment in Flappy Bird.

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