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Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – Tolerable vs. Intolerable

Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – Tolerable vs. Intolerable By – Oct 13, 2014 2 0 SHARE

Flappy Bird and Angry Birds – Developers

Flappy Bird is an elementary game developed by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese developer. It was launched in 2013, but took only a few months to reach the top of the charts in January 2014. At the peak of its popularity, it was said to bring in more than $50,000 per day for the developer, due to the ads. However, Dong Nguyen was not able to face the controversies arising from the game. These controversies were related to the accusations that the game was a plagiarized version and offered too high a level of difficulty leading to frustration and so on. It was finally removed from the play stores on February 10th 2014.

Angry Birds is still a very popular game, created by Rovio Entertainment. It has earned millions of Euros since its launch and is a very popular game even today.

Developers – Professional and Hobbyist

There is some difference between the developers of Angry Birds and the developer of Flappy Bird. Dong Nguyen is not a professional game developer, but rather a hobbyist. He found that the controversy generated by the game was interfering with his life and peace and so put a stop to it. Rovio Entertainment, on the other hand, is in the professional developing business and they are in the game to make a pile of money by making apps.

Difference in Approach

Both the games are based on birds, but the approach is very different. In Flappy Bird, the player has to keep the bird flying high avoiding hitting the poles. The levels are very difficult as well. In Angry Birds, the levels are not so difficult but offer a good challenge. There are many birds and each of them has its special capabilities. These birds have to be used for killing the pigs and destroying their habitat from a distance.

Angry Birds comes with a lot of variety and entertainment. There is something new in each of the levels, whereas Flappy Bird can be rather monotonous and formidable. Angry Birds is still available for downloading from the playstores, whereas Flappy Bird is no longer available. There are many other versions of Flappy Bird available, but not the original one. These are, namely, Splashy Fish, Red Bouncing Ball Spikes and several other clones of Flappy Bird.

Comparing the Graphics

The graphics of the two games are simply incomparable. Angry Birds has excellent graphics and offers a superb interface. It is very creative and has been appreciated by all players. There is nothing graphically appealing about Flappy Bird, as it comes with 2D graphics. Yet, the game managed to become popular due to its addictive nature. Obviously, the creator of Flappy Bird did not give much attention to the graphics. The game was created for people who just want to take a break and play the game for a short time.

Gameplay Comparison

The gameplay of Flappy Bird is rather simple. You just have to tap the bird and then guide it carefully through the pipes without hitting them. On the other hand, Angry Birds requires the player to give some thought while launching the birds and use skills. It is not a game that is merely used for passing time. You need to give Angry Birds your full attention in order to cross the levels. The gameplay of Angry Birds is quite complex, so you need to make many trials and mistakes before you can win.

Bottom Line

Flappy Bird is a very simple game but frustratingly difficult. You might find it difficult to score in this game. Flappy Bird can do nothing to relax the mind and in fact it might even end up bothering you more; whereas, you can play Angry Birds for hours and derive a sense of accomplishment when you manage to cross the levels.


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