Anonymous Chatting Available via Facebook Rooms

It looks like anonymous applications are IN again.

With the latest chat application coming from Facebook, it seems more and more likely that the 90s are coming back. ‘Rooms’, the new application from Facebook, looks a lot like some old chat applications, such as mIRC 32.

‘Rooms’ provides the same options as mIRC offered more than 15 years ago. That is, register a nickname, and chat with others using pseudo names, not your real name. Everything is done anonymously, which was the great thing back in the 90s. You could be anyone once you put the nickname on.
The idea behind ‘Rooms’ is to select an idea, on which you would love to discuss and share opinions and experiences with others. In the room, besides chatting, you can also share pictures, videos and other forms of content. You do not need a Facebook profile in order to use ‘Rooms’.

Availability of ‘Rooms’

At the moment, ‘Rooms’ is available for download only for the iOS and Android users from their respective App Stores. There is no indication whether other platforms, including web users might get the latest application from Facebook.

Forum like Experience

Facebook representatives were quick to point that they are not trying to build the next Snapchat. Instead, their idea is to build the next WordPress or a forum like experience for users. Like other types of forums, ‘Rooms’ allows the creator of the room to moderate, set moderators, pin posts, set restrictions about age and much more.

Building Identity Outside of Facebook

Representatives from the social network claim that ‘Rooms’ is an excellent chance for people to build their identity, but outside of Facebook. The new application looks a lot like Reddit. It is worth noting that Reddit has 175 million users and until lately, there has been no mobile version. ‘Rooms’, on the other hand, is a solely mobile application at the moment. Another key difference is that ‘Rooms’ makes you create a new identity for every room you are in. Rooms in the application are in a chronological order.

How to Join a Room

This might be the deal breaker that makes the application more of an exclusive club than a masses thing. You MUST be invited in order to join a room. The creator of the room sets a QR code, which is needed to join the room. He/she can either post the code publicly, or invite you privately. Either way, no code, no joining the room and the sharing experience.
The code is sent via a text image, which then the user must save in his camera roll. Once he/she opens ’Rooms’, the app adds him/her to the respected room automatically. The application asks for an access to your camera roll when installed, and scans your photos for QR codes.

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