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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Antarctica volcanoes happen to be a retreat for life in the ice…

Antarctica volcanoes happen to be a retreat for life in the ice age By – Mar 12, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Recently there was a brand new study that was carried out in Antarctica. This study has unraveled an age long anonymity of how number of animals as well as plants managed to survive and live their lives in the ice age. The results concluded that the main cause for their survival was the heat steam that was coming out of the volcanoes. The research considered the bugs, mosses, as well as lichens in a specific region where we still have 16 volcanoes existing, having endured the previous ice age twenty thousand years ago.
A Ceridwen Fraser from Australian National University stated that the species must have hung themselves in the steam fields and caves, it is a place where it is almost tens of degrees hotter as compared to the outdoors in the ice age. Fraser also states that the Antarctica volcanoes, during long phases of cold, happen to be a retreat for life. After that, the doctor conducted and created an analogy/ correlation of a god desert. There he compared who the species living in a totally arid region search for water. One searches for a warm place in the completely freezing and chilling temperature of Antarctica. As the end result, sixty percent of the total species present in Antarctica cannot be seen in any other place all over the globe.

Fraser also notes that resolving the mystery as to how the species were capable of surviving in the ice age has proved to be an extremely crucial finding. Exploring the changes in the climate as well as its chief impacts in the past shall assist the scientists in understanding how one is supposed to get adapted towards the accelerated changes caused by human beings in today’s world. Talking about the present, the global temperature has been rising constantly and this has gradually led to continuous defrosting of ice. This is a big drawback as far as the climatic changes are concerned.


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