Apple iCloud Photo Library App – Getting Started

Understanding how to use iCloud photo library will give you the freedom of accessing all your photos from any place with a lot of ease. The photos are automatically stored in the cloud where you can access them or even download them anytime on your ipad,iphone or ipod touch. All changes that you make on your photos will be uploaded to iCloud and saved. These changes are visible in other devices which are used to access the photos. This library has a friendly interface which allows you to organize the photos and videos for easier access and retrieval when needed. You can comfortably mark your photos as favorites or even drag them to create a desired order .Albums can also be created to group the photos.

Setting up the library

In order to set up iCloud in your device, make sure that the devices you are using have the latest updates. Follow the instructions available in the set up menu to have your device activated and ready for iCloud set up.

Setting up iCloud on Mac

The first thing is to make sure that you have the latest OS X version on your Mac. You can update the version you are currently using by going to the Apple menu and selecting Software Update to check whether there are any updates available. Go on and choose system Preferences from the menu and click iCloud. Enter the right Apple ID and select the services to be enabled. To enable photo sharing and photo streaming, open the iPhoto and select Use iCloud button. To enable automatic download for music and other apps, open iTunes. Go on and select Preferences. Click the store button and then select Music,Books and Apps. Turn on iCloud for the rest devices for you to get much from the cloud.

Setting up iCluod on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

After making sure that you have the latest OS version, use the instructions available in the set up menu to have your device activated ready for iCloud set up. If in any case you skipped the required set up process, select the Settings icon on the Home Screen. It is here that you select iCloud and enter the correct Apple ID. Enable automatic downloads by selecting iTunes and Apps store on the Home screen. Turn on the iCloud for other devices to get the very best from it.

Charges associated with iCloud

Once you sign up to iCloud, you are given 5GB for free. This is not charged but in case you need more storage space you are subjected to monthly charges depending on the size specified. This upgrading allows the user to increase their storage spaces especially when a lot of information or data is involved. One can upgrade to 20GB, 200 GB, 500GB and 1 TB. These charges vary from one country to another which is determined by the currency of that specific country. Payments can be made using credit and debit cards or even iTunes Store credit.

How Access Photo Settings

Photo streaming supports JPEG format, TIFF format, PNG formats, and a number of the available RAW formats.
Steps to turn on your photo stream;

  • On the Apple menu, select System Preferences and the iCloud
  • Specify the check box for your photos.
  • On the Options button, make sure My Photo Stream is selected and turned on.
  • Then open the app that you want to use with the photo stream and adjust the settings in the selected app.

So there you have our quick tour to get you started with the Photo Library app and making the most of it next time you have a few minutes to spare.

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