Apple iMessage – An Insight into Advanced Features

While Apple has been improving its features consistently, now Apple iOS users have more access to advanced features that will give them a lifetime experience.

While introducing iOS 8, Apple announced couple of advanced features for its iMessage messaging platform.

Although they did not mention if iMessage will actually show up in iCloud web service, the features are what users have been waiting for. Among other improvements that will amaze users is the ability to mute or leave group message anytime. The messages can be a nuisance, although you can turn them off- which will disable you from sending messages, you may not prevent user from adding you to those group.

This is probably one of the biggest peeve with messaging in iOS. Fortunately enough, the advancement enables you to create group, mute messages and leave group anytime you want.

Group messages.

Apple has made significant improvements in iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. There are many features that affect group conversations, sending multiple photos, sending attachments, sharing location, sending audio and videos messages and many more.

With iMessaging, there is a welcomed improvement to the way group messages are handled. If you have ever been involved on iMessage group conversation in which many users are talking, you may have experienced unpleasing onslaught of notifications.

Fortunately, the improvement allows you to customize iMessage features- for example, for a group conversation, you can enable the Do Not Disturb Mode- by toggling the feature on, you will not receive nuisance notifications from that conversation.

Additionally, you can add or remove people who you want to participate in a group conversation, you can rename the group and leave thread whenever you want.

Send voice messages.

Apple iOS now allow users to add voice to the conversion. The new tap to talk feature allow users to capture voice, part of the song or laugh and send it as an audio message 100% free of charge. Recording is quite easy- you only need to touch and hold the microphone button to record the message, swipe to send.

Send video.

Another impressive feature is the ability to record or attach video to the messages. Although there are many apps such as WhatsApp, LINE and other apps that can do the same function, Apple iOS makes it a lifetime experience for its users. Sending video is quite easy, you just need to touch and hold the recording button, swipe to send when you are done. What more? You can also attach audio or video from your gallery.

The Send Location Feature.

Apple iOS has also introduced the Send Location feature. If your battery drains below critical level, you can select Send Last Location to notify Apple of your Device’s last known location. If your phone is lost with Send Last Location on and the battery drains such that it cannot be located, the iCloud will display the last location for up 24 hours. After 24 hours, there is no way you can determine the location of your phone.

So there’s a snapshot look at some of the more advanced features of the imessage service.

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