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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Apple iOS 8.2 – Recent Update Problems

Apple iOS 8.2 – Recent Update Problems By – Oct 28, 2014 10 0 SHARE

During the launching time of iOS 8 to the public at the start of this month, there was a lot to say about the new features on offer. The new features have resulted to its faster spread to many places in the world. However, there have some issues on the updates.

Many users have reported some bug errors every time they try to update it.

Background to the whole saga:

  • Immediately after iOS 8 was released to the market, the users started sending comments and emails to the manufacturers about various issues. Looking at the social media such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. and forums soon revealed that many users are facing difficulties with the update.
  • Apple then produced iOS 8.01 with the aim of solving the compatibility problem to fix the problem. Rather than solving the problem, this release worked contrary to their expectations; it affected the Touch ID and called for the iPhone 6which made the Apple withdraw the update.
  • The Company promised to come up with another update to fix the problems. Two days ago, they released iOS 8.02 with high expectations of solving the problem.
  • Did the update go through successfully for everyone? Is every problem solved? For sure not, some users like those using iPhone 4S users had some problems solved. They reported of lagging problems being fully solved. Nevertheless, other users are still reporting some glitches following the updates.

These complaints have spread over the social media, Apple company’s support forum and other forums after the launch of iOS 8.02 updates. The update seems like it won’t work at all. Solving one problem is creating more problems than the initials ones. The users are now almost tired of the updates. The company has not yet responded about the problem, but we hope for the best.

Customer’s comments on the Apple’s public forum clearly show many threads on the new problems that are resulting from the updates. Some of the users complained about connectivity issues following the updates.

They claim that few hours after updating to the latest software iOS 8.0.2, they started losing connectivity on phone calls and text messages. “Just after updating my iPhone 5s software to iOS 8.0.2, I started getting a cellular reception problem; the main message that is being connected on the internet a few minutes after the update “No Internet coverage”.” Commented one of the iPhone 5s user on the company’s forum.

Other users complained about the WiFi connection on iPad Air and iPhone 6 plus. These users also reported a slow internet speed than the earlier state. They are also reporting on the internet connection tending to Zero at some times. All their expectations about the new update are not fully working. The users are reporting of rebooting as a temporal solution to the problem though time-consuming and inconvenient to them.

Other reported problems include malfunctioning of some browsers such as the Safari Browser, crashes reports and Bluetooth connectivity. The users are calling upon the company to look for a long-term solution of the problem.

They still have great hope of getting a better update from the company. Keep visiting this site for more information.


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