Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Top Specs and Best Prices Comparison

The first iPad from Apple was released in 2010 and since then, the fans enjoyed using better and better products, more powerful and with nicer designs. Microsoft had to catch up the lost ground and released the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, a tablet which can be used as a laptop and which runs on Windows 8.1 OS. Between the Surface Pro 2 and the iPad Air there are many differences and we’ll list a few of them.


The iPad Air makes its opponent look massive because the Apple device is a lot thinner and has a more impressive aspect, featuring a brushed aluminum casing which is the first attraction about this tablet. The Surface Pro 2 is more uncomfortable to carry around, being sturdier and with sharp angular cutouts which make the device look… industrial. However, the Microsoft tablet comes with a buch of ports – mini display port. USB 3.0, microSD card slot, magnetic power, while the iPad Air has a Lightning docking port.


The iPad Air features an IPS LCD display of 9.7inches with a resolution of 2048x1536pixels, while the Suprface Pro 2 is a little bit bigger, sporting a 10.6inches IPS LCD display with 1920x1080pixels. On paper, iPad Air’s display renders a pixel density of 264ppi, which is better than Surface Pro 2’s 208ppi. When looking at the screen from a normal angle, you won’t notice the difference between them, because they’re both sharp to the eye.


The iPad Air supports a 64-bit dual-core 1.4Ghz Apple A7 processor which teams up with a PowerVR G6430 GPU and 1GB of RAM, while the Surface Pro 2 comes with the fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor, having two cores clocked at 1.6GHz. The CPU couples with 4GB of RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU which delivers a great performance.

Each tablet has four variants of internal memories: iPad Air comes with 16, 32, 64 and 128GB of storage and doesn’t support expansion; the Surface Pro 2 is “blessed” with higher capacities of 64, 128, 256 and 516GB and the last two ones have 8GB of RAM, while the first two ones have 4GB of RAM.


The iPad Air features a 5MP camera on the back and a 1.2MP one on the front. The Surface Pro 2 has both of its cameras of 1.2MP. We can easily draw the conclusion that Apple overshadowed Microsoft and added a few features that will help you obtain better pictures. The rear camera has iSight with Five Element Lens with Hybrid IR filter, video stabilization, HDR, face detection and ƒ/2.4 aperture.


The iPad Air has a built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery of 8,827mAh which claims to support up to 10 hours of multimedia usage. The Surface Pro 2 supports only eight hours of multimedia usage.


On Amazon, the Surface Pro 2 with 64GB of storage costs 800 dollars, the 128GB variant costs 900 dollars, the 256GB variant is priced at 1237 dollars and the 512GB variant costs 1540 dollars. The iPad Air 16GB costs 403 dollars, the 32GB variant is almost 60 dollars more expensive, the 64GB variant costs 568 dollars and the 128GB variant is priced at 749 dollars.

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