Apple OS X Yosemite – New Features Review

OS X 10.10 Yosemite is the latest release of Apple’s desktop operating system and comes as a free update which can be downloaded and installed if you will find the need to upgrade from OS X Mavericks.

Its most outstanding feature is continuity which lets you handoff something you are doing (even phone calls) from one Apple device to the other.

Yosemite is designed for compatibility with iOS 8.1 although it has enough refinements of its own to make it worth upgrading even for those who are just up to a new experience on their Macs. Below are some of the new features it harbors.

Notification center

The notification center which is brought along by OS X Yosemite is a bit more useful than what we saw previously. OS X Mavericks also came with a notifications center which is basically a slide out window from the right hand side of your screen. To access it, you need to do a two-finger swipe or click on a button in the upper right.

Today view which is a new feature in Notification Centre connects with your calendar, feeds from social networks and more to give you an overview of your day. Still dwelling on notifications, you will get update on the weather, see all reminders, meetings and appointments and even more, get to know who has a birthday today so that you can send them a message.


Spotlight is the OS X feature which helps you search for things. In Yosemite, you will be able to look for items on your hard drive and at the same time, Spotlight will also deliver relevant results from the web. The feature has been juiced up to such an extent that when you search for a business, lets say a coffee shop in Spotlight, you will get its photos, the phone number, its address and relevant directions which will come via Apple Maps. What’s more? You can place a call direct from your Mac using the continuity feature if your iPhone is running iOS 8.1.


Some refinements were made to the Mail app too. It is now possible to send encrypted messages in the native app, mark up your emails and annotate images. One of the most intriguing features however is the new capability to send attachments of up to 5GB people and even those who suffer limitations by their email clients. If a friend uses a different email client, they can still the attachments of up to 5GB; a link will be sent with the email from where the recipient can download the attachments from the iCloud drive.


You would like to note that Apple is changing its cloud service for the better. You can store any type of file unlike in the past where only files made using apps developed by Apple were allowed. Whenever your Mac is connected to the Internet, all your files will automatically be synced to create a backup.


As said before, it is now possible to make and receive calls from your Mac. This helps if you have your iPhone in another room. Besides, if someone else calls when you are in the middle of another call, you will get a notification and take one of three options. You can either put the person you are talking to on hold, ignore the call which came later or add the second caller to your conversation so that you conference.


A few updates were also made to messages. It will now be possible to hold a conversation with several people and not to forget that you can now add titles to particular conversations so that it will be easier to distinguish and find them later. If you do not want the message notifications, you just need to check on the Do Not Disturb box.

Another of the great features in Yosemite’s messages is the capability to view a collection of all attachments from a conversation which saves you the hassles of having to scroll down to look for a picture or some other file.

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