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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Apple Pay – How To Set Up and Use In an Easy…

Apple Pay – How To Set Up and Use In an Easy Way By – Oct 27, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Making payments in stores or even within the apps has actually never been that easier. Gone are those days of searching the wallet and also the wasted moments of finding the right cards.

Nowadays, payments happen with just a single touch. Apple pay will greatly change the way you pay with the breakthrough contact-less payment technology as well as unique security features that are built into the devices that you usually in hand every day.

The following are some of the devices that are compatible with Apple Pay:

  • iPhone 6 and also iPhone 6 plus
  • iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3
  • Apple watch that is paired only with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 plus hence you can use them in quite a simple, secure as well a private way.

How do you set up Apple pay?

First, you will need to ensure that your iPhone 6 or even iPhone 6 plus $299 at Verizon is running at least iOS 8.1. Secondly, in case you have not set up the fingerprint scanner, then go to the settings >Touch ID and Passcode, and then select Add a Fingerprint. In the same setting area, ensure that the Touch ID is toggled on for Apple pay that appears towards the top.

Then open the Passbook. Make sure you tap the plus sign located at the top right in order to add a credit or a debit card. After you have followed the prompts, you will have to enter some of the basic information like your default billing address as well as the phone number. When adding the credit and also the debit cards, you better use the camera option that allows you to scan the card to automatically fill in the sixteen digits so you don’t necessarily have to type them. In fact, you will only have to type your security code.

Always keep in mind that some of the cards are fully supported while some requires that you authenticate them just by installing the bank’s own application and some are not supported at all. When you scan the card in order to add it to the passbook, the application will inform you immediately whether the card is supported or not. In case the card requires verification, you will definitely see a message to that effect once you select it.

How do you make use of Apple pay in the field?

In case you have got more than one payment card set up in the Passbook, ensure that you know which one is the default option. Simply go to settings >passbook and Apple Pay and you will see the list of the cards that are included. Just right below them, you will see the default card and you can tap there to adjust the default.

When you are checking out at a store with a PayPass, simply touch your phone to the PayPass receiver. The Passbook application will automatically start the transaction whereby it will ask you to verify it by just providing your fingerprint. The fingerprint on the screen will fill with the red lines as the transaction takes place. Once the transaction is complete, you are automatically done. In a few seconds, you will see a history of the transaction just appear in the Passbook and both time and date stamp next to it.

With this Apple Pay, you no longer need to carry your wallet!


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