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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Apple Pay – Introduction to Specs, Creating Account and More

Apple Pay – Introduction to Specs, Creating Account and More By – Oct 26, 2014 2 0 SHARE

Apple Pay is an easy, secure and private to way to pay for physical goods and services like reservations, clothing and groceries among other things. This software comes with the iOS 8 app which uses the payment informed stored in the Apple device. With just a single touch, you can use the Touch ID to quickly access payment and shipping information. Here is how to get started with Apple Pay.


The Apple Pay software is compatible with all iOS 8.1 devices is mostly used on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The software lets you use your smartphone as your debit or credit card to make payments through the Passbook app. This app works a Google Wallet using a hidden NFC communication chip inside the phone which enables you to initiate payments with a special receiver found in some checkout counters. The receiver is attached to the to of some credit card swiping machines and it looks like a teacup saucer-sized disc.

Apple Pay however differs from Google Wallet in that here you don’t require PIN protection. Instead, you have to authenticate your transaction with a fingerprint scan on the home button. In some instances, you may however be required to scan your fingerprint and enter a PIN into the card reader as well.

Where You Can Use Apple Pay

It is however hard to know where you can use the Apple Pay app because it is not a Geo-location finder for businesses that support it in Passbook. Still you can use it where there is a PayPass reader especially in most fast-food restaurants, major grocery shops and chain pharmacies. PayPass is a receiver run by MasterCard but don’t require a MasterCard credit card to function. It has a store locator website that helps you find businesses nearby that use this system.
Apart from working in Apple Store app, Apple Pay can also be used in apps such as Target, Fancy, Chairish, Groupon, Hotel Tonight, Open Table, Instacart and

Setting Up Apple Pay Account

To use Apple Pay, you have to set it up on your phone and ensure that the right credit card is set as a default card for purchases. All banks however don’t support the app and therefore you have to confirm whether your credit card works with Apple Pay. To set the app, set up the Fingerprint scanner by going to Settings>Touch ID and Passcode and finally select Add a Fingerprint. Also ensure that the Touch ID is toggled on for Apple Pay.

Next, open Passbook and tap the + sign at the top right corner to add a debit or credit card. Then follow the prompts and fill in the basic information required including your security code. If you use the scan option to capture the 16-digit security code, the app may inform you that the card is not fully supported. Therefore, you may have to authenticate it by installing the bank’s app.

Is Apple Pay Safe?

The Apple Pay app doesn’t save your transaction information. All your payment details are therefore kept private in Passbook for your viewing only. Since you never show anyone your card, your credit card digits, name and other identifying information remains hidden. But if a clerk insists that you provide proof of identification to compare the signature on the card, you may have to pull out your card.


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