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Friday, January 23, 2015

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Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV – Which One Should You Buy?

Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV – Which One Should You Buy? By – Oct 21, 2014 1 1 SHARE

The Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV comparison is something that buyers have been looking to see for a long time because when you have multiple options to make your high definition television into a smart television, it might get a tad confusing.

Both products have an equal set of advantages, like the Apple has an edge if you own iPad and iPhone whereas Amazon becomes the best choice if you have already subscribed for their Prime Service which is similar to Netflix movie streaming solution.

Amazon Fire TV

The biggest and most amazing aspect of the Amazon Fire TV is the remote control which makes navigation so easy. The buttons are responsive; it has voice search functionality and has the right size so that you don’t lose it in your home. The wide range of apps available is promising as well as it has all major channels including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, Plex, Showtime, VEVO and ESPN among many others. The company is in talks to sign up with new service providers which is why it has great potential and might become an able competitor not only for Apple TV but also for Google’s new player as well.

Apple TV

Apple TV, as the name suggests, is a device that has been made for its own ecosystem. To make the best out of this entertainment box, you have to own an iPhone and an iPad. Even a Mac would do because all the apps, the software and navigation has been designed to work best with their device. Such a thing doesn’t exist with Amazon Fire even though they have their Kindle tablets and even a phone to make use of. The app choices are good and has a really compact remote which many users find convenient.

The Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV is not an easy decision to make but in conclusion, you are definitely going to enjoy the Amazon services better if you are not an Apple fan boy. It is more convenient to use, is somewhat on par with the channels available on Roku and fits most users. The boxes look identical, features are almost similar but if you already have invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV should be a great option for you. Both of them will ideally suit your purpose for having great in-house entertainment which is the primary objective.



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  • Andrew W MacFadyen

    Close to two months back I pre-ordered a Fire TV for the then special price of £49, It should be delivered today (27/10/14) , with the high spec processor and memory I expect great things of it great but the proof is in the pudding.

    The way I see it is if you want a mainstream device for Netflix and other stuff but don’t need Amazon buy any Roku, but currently if you want to watch Amazon and Netflix buy a Fire TV.

    My first streaming device was a £10 NowTv box with lots of free channels limited channels but restricted to NowTV/Sky pay channels. Great value for money but the WiFi on it went belly up after about 3 months.

    Having owned one I found Chromecast very limited really a a gadget freak toy just useful for Netflix and YouTube, after about 3 weeks I gave it to a family member.

    The Roku Stick has a very similar feature set to the Roku1, for almost a year I have owned and used a Roku1 and I love it, a nice item and pretty slick in operation BUT apparently in the UK market Sky (who have a large number of shares in Roku) have vetoed Roku carrying Amazon Prime Instant.

    On my main TV I use Sony BDP-1200 Smart BlueRay player I find I watch more Amazon Prime Instant than Netflix. The BlueRay sometimes freezes and has to be cold booted also the interface is slow in operation even more so when on the Amazon app. The BDP-S1200 only cost about £60 from a supermarket and it is very good value for money note it requires a wired ethernet connection to the internet.

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