Asus ZenFone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core – Pricing and Specifications Compared

Companies like Asus have been making tremendous progress with regard to smartphones in recent years.

This has largely been aided by the success of the ZenFone line-up that has just got better following the launch of the ZenFone 5. This value for money offering will be positioned at a price similar to past offerings from Samsung like the Galaxy Core.


A 12 month period separates the two phones but it is clear where the improvements have been made. The Galaxy Core features a 4.3 inch display, which is dwarfed by the 5 inch display on the ZenFone 5. Apart from having a large display size, the ZenFone 5 can also boast of better quality due to its high resolution of 720p. It may not get the 1080p resolution that many of the top end devices from established manufacturers get as a norm, but it is good nonetheless. Aside from losing out on the screen size, the Galaxy Core also falls short in terms of resolution. It has only 480 x 800 pixels compared to the 720p display.


The additional screen size and better resolution on the ZenFone 5 make it an ideal phone for multimedia purposes and it is not surprising to see the company offer a 16 GB version in addition to the 8 GB variant. There are no options with regard to the internal memory on the Galaxy Core, which is available only with 8 GB as standard. Since both phone support external memory cards, this is an area where there is likely to be least trouble.


The ZenFone 5 features an eight megapixel camera in the rear that can compete with many high end smartphones in terms of quality. This is partly because of its vast array of features with the most important being full HD video recording. Night photography is also better on the Asus phone because of the LED flash. Flash is also present on the Galaxy Core, but its smaller five megapixel camera does not hold the same amount of detail in the pictures. The difference, however, is only marginal and it is only the video quality department where there is a huge gap. The Galaxy Core can only record 480p videos at its best.

The front facing camera is also substantially better on the ZenFone 5. This phone has a two megapixel camera for great video conferencing and selfies. The Galaxy Core, meanwhile, only has a paltry VGA camera that appears to have come from a long time ago.

Performance is just about adequate on the Galaxy Core mainly because of the heavy TouchWiz user interface that takes up a lot of power. The ZenFone 5 is much lighter and will be better thanks to the dual core 2 GHz processor. The Galaxy Core also has a dual core processor but clocked lower at 1.2 GHz. The unlocked 8 GB versions of the ZenFone 5 retail at $180 while the Galaxy Core costs around the same.

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