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Friday, April 3, 2015

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ASUS ZenWatch vs LG G Watch R – The Battle Between Android…

ASUS ZenWatch vs LG G Watch R – The Battle Between Android Wearables By – Dec 10, 2014 7 0 SHARE

If you didn’t know how to spoil yourself for Christmas, you can spend your money on a smartwatch, and these are the recommendations that would make the best gift from you… to you! The ZenWatch from ASUS is challenging LG’s G Watch R wearable and we’ll compare them to see which one is better.


Although both gadgets run on Android, they are very different on the outside. The ASUS ZenWatch has a rectangular display and a curved body which is very thin. The display is incased in a stainless steel aluminum body and has a beautiful leather strap.

The LG G Watch R has a round display which looks like a military or sports watch, being very solid and it’s more manlike, so the women won’t be very fascinated of it. Though, the leather strap looks amazing, but the aggressive look is still bothering a category of wearable fans.

Anyway, both devices are waterproof, being rated at IP55 – ZenWatch and at IP67, respectively – G Watch R.


The ASUS ZenWatch has a bigger AMOLED display of 1.63inch, with a resolution of 320x320p, it’s powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and uses 512 MB of RAM and an internal memory of 4GB. The battery is quite small, having a capacity of 365mAh.

The G Watch R has a POLED display with a diameter of 1.3inch, and the resolution is the same at 320x320p. Underneath the display, things look identical, meaning that the smartwatch has the same processor, RAM capacity and internal storage. However, the battery is a bit bigger at 410mAh. On paper, the G Watch R has a longer battery life than the ZenWatch.


Being Android-based devices, both run on the Android Wear OS, offering the same features. The only difference is related to the user interface, which depends on the shape of the display.


The ASUS ZenWatch is more affordable than the LG G Watch R, costing 199 dollars, with 100 less than its rival, and both can be purchased from the Google Play Store.


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