AVG Free Antivirus – Features, Pros and Cons of the Award-Winning Free Antivirus

One of the most popular free antivirus software, AVG Antivirus is very popular for its malware protection.

It has come up with a line of internet security products like AVG Antivirus etc. With most of the people having a super positive review about the antivirus software, here’s a gist of the pros, cons and features of this world-famous software.

The Test Performance Results

To analyze if AVG free antivirus performed really well, it was tested for malware detection and other claimed features in various labs. AV tests were conducted for the same and the software scored above the set expectations. It was witnessed that AVG followed the trend of scoring really high when it came to antimalware protection and malware removal.

The Pros and the Cons

Analyzing the pros revealed that AVG antimalware provided reliable protection and reacted instantaneously to threats and zeroed-in on bad links and malicious URLs. Another greatest advantage is that AVG is now available for your Android also and you could install it for protecting your Android phone from virus.

However, the negative side or the ploy with AVG happened to be the number of tools that are included in this software product to provide full security. And the other thing to be taken into account is that there is no virtual browser for opening such suspicious sites in a separate virtual environment; a default feature offered by the other free antivirus software products.

The Features

There are many reasons as to why AVG antivirus is being downloaded by many out there and why it has frozen its spot when it comes to the popularity-wise ranking. Some of the highlight features include scanning, priority updates, chat protection and social network link-sharing protection.

Also, AVG will scan files you download; either through the conventional download method or through an instant messenger. Also the links that go out from your system; in the sense, those which you share with your friends and close ones will be scanned through, before it is sent out. This way, both your PC and your friend’s will be safe and secured.

With regards to the help and support, AVG will provide you with a 24/7 support for one whole year. You can get in touch with AVG customer care for assistance through telephone, email and instant chat, especially if you are a license owner.

The virtual assistance for AVG is taken care of by TechBuddy; an online support documentation forum. If there is an emergency that you are dealing with, then you can also get AVG Rescue file from the company, for which you will be locked out of your Windows. You can also follow and like AVG on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Summary

AVG free antivirus is very well-known among people today and is a dependable security that will not prove to be too intrusive as well. It will powerfully combat the malware arena and will be flexible enough to react to emerging malware.

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