AVG Free Antivirus – Reliable, Sleek and Quick to Load

Using an antivirus program is mandatory to secure your computer against virus, spyware, spam and other online threats.

While many users believe that a free antivirus may not offer them the best protection, unlike a paid version, it is not a fact; because there are so many people around the globe who use these for their everyday protection. AVG free antivirus is a popular program for various reasons and the biggest benefit of using one is that it is one of the most lightweight tools available online.

You can easily download the version from their official website or any other third party site to install it. While many other antivirus programs also provide protection, most users often complain that they slow down their computer by hogging the resources. It is a common claim which has been put to rest by AVG, because their tool is different from others, in terms of utilizing your PC’s power.

Social Media Friendly

The latest version of the AVG free antivirus has been programmed in such a way that it not only defends you from virus infection but also scans your social media websites automatically. It doesn’t intrude your privacy, but still keeps a tab on all the links you click. The majority of the focus relies on Facebook because it is the most popular of them all and readily used by people around the globe. Over a billion have already subscribed to it which is why Facebook has become the favorite plan for virus developers, scammers and spammers who use click baits to lure you into an infected website.

The free antivirus will be able to search and examine all the links that you get on the social networking website and it will immediately alert you before you click a link, if a potential threat is detected. It secures you from getting infected and also to avoid visiting sites that are not so safe to interact with.

Protecting Against Data Theft, Spying

Unlike programs in the past, the new version of AVG free antivirus is also capable of acting as a spyware and in protecting you against spying. It is one of the common issues that users face in recent times where unwanted programming codes are planted and it keeps sending anonymous data. It could lead to leaked passwords, accounts and even bank numbers. The program also protects you from data theft by monitoring all incoming data and outgoing communication to detect any unauthorized access.


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