Avira vs. Bitdefender vs. Eset – Offering Bang for your Buck

There are several antivirus software available, with Avira, Bitdefender and Eset being among the more popular ones.

In order to be an effective program, it must offer live protection. While deciding on the best antivirus program for your computer, you must look at the features as well as the performance and see which program really offers you the best bang for your buck.


It is a very popular antivirus program with 300 million installations all over the globe and still counting. The program offers an affordable option and a very trustworthy alternative. Avira comes along with a wide range of tools for protection and has been proven to perform well in tests.

The interface is simple and it is capable of performing fast and speedy scans. The program can stop most of the attacks on your computer. In addition, Avira also offers features for monitoring a child’s presence in the social media. You can opt for settings that prevent the appearance of notifications when you are gaming.

However, the boot time of Avast is rather slow and it takes quite a while to update the program.


It is a great antivirus program and has been so for the past few years. It keeps your computer safe from attacks in all spheres, whether you are on the web pages, on the social media or sending mail, using USBs or any other devices, such as mobile phones, camera memory cards and other plug ins. The safety feature is excellent. The program runs very silently in the background of your computer and protects you efficiently from viruses and other malware. It has passed several lab tests successfully and has always exceeded the expectations. There is a version for the PC and for the Mac.

There is no compromise in its speed or its performance, while running seamlessly in your computer. The phishing protection feature is excellent. It comes with a virtualized browser, which is isolated from the OS and blocks threats successfully. It also filters spam very effectively. The Autopilot feature helps make the best decisions and the user does not have to make any input manually. The protection tools are offered in a wide range for protecting against all possible sources that could harm your computer, such as emails, social media and so on.

However, it comes with some limits on password management. Some of the protections are also absent in the default settings. The installation is a little tricky, especially if your system is infested with malware. The boot time and the shutdown time of your computer can also be increased when you install this program.

Eset – Pros and Cons

Eset is a very affordable option for an antivirus software program. However, in spite of the low cost, it comes with a wide range of tools for protection. The ThreatSense technology helps remove viruses as well as worms and Trojans or any other malware from your computer. Eset comes with a separate version for Mac and for the PC.

The software is light on your computer and the performance is fast and efficient. It offers full protection against browser exploitation. The whitelisting feature is cloud enhanced and this enables better detection rates. The program comes with a thirty-day free trial. In addition, it offers a scanner for social media threats. On the negative side, Eset does not have a very user-friendly interface, when compared to the other programs. It sometimes produces false positives and there is no deep scanning offered by the program.


By analyzing the pros and cons of the three security programs, you can select the one that suits you the best. You have to select a program that meets your unique needs, for protecting your computer when you are gaming, or hanging out on the social networking sites or just browsing websites.

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