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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Banned Gases In The Atmosphere

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It seems as if a pesky gas has started to work its way back into our lives, the substance was actually banned back in 1987. The ozone layer itself has been in a recovery state for quite some time (well, since 1987 really) when gases that were harmful to the earth’s atmosphere was used in pesticides.New ozone-depleting gases are found They also had to worry about hairsprays and all the refrigerants (that are now banned), but ever since they have been removed from the public market the ozone layer has been slowly recovering. Even though the products that used the gas are no longer available, traces of this gas are still being found in our skies.

Scientists have been busy trying to figure out where these gases have come from, seeing as the gases have been obsolete from the market for such a long time (this is due to the Montreal Protocol treaty that was adopted in 1987). The earths ozone layer is there to filter out the UV rays that the sun shines right onto our blue little planet, without that filter we would all be in serious trouble. UV rays is the leader in terms of reasons for skin cancer, anybody and everybody can get it if you aren’t careful enough. The two types of gases are HCFC (hydrocholroflurocarbon) and CFC (chlorofluorocarbons), with the CFC’s to be abolished by 2010, with HCFC to be finished by 2030. These are reasonable times, as it isn’t an easy process to remove gases from the atmosphere.


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