Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Not Coming To Xbox 360

Battlefield 4 is the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, and has been regarded by many as a fairly solid entry in the Battlefield series, bringing an average single player and interesting multiplayer in one package, as the Battlefield series often does. However it has been notable for also attracting the most criticism for releasing far too early just to meet the next generation deadline, and even to this day the game is full of bugs. These vary greatly, but have led to a very big change in the reputation that both Battlefield and its developer DICE have received.

However despite the criticism for the slow speed of the updates fixing the game, DICE powered through and decided to release paid expansion packs to the game, which just added more fuel to the fire as it led people to believe that making more money from expansions was more important than giving a good service to the people who played the game, and honestly these actions left little doubt in peoples minds that even if it’s not the developers intention, somewhere along the chain these packs are being forced out.

It is that lack of interest in the expansions that makes the most recent news  so surprising regarding the premium edition, which has the base game and all of the expansion packs bundled into one package. For some reason, this premium edition of the game is managing to make its way to every platform Battlefield 4 is released on, the PC, the Xbox One / PS4 and the PS3. There is one exception you might have noticed however, the xbox 360. For some reason DICE have decided not to release Battlefield 4: Premium edition on that console.

This is an incredibly odd move on behalf of EA, who only cited “technical limitations” as a reason. Exactly what these limitations are is unknown so far, as the Xbox 360 has similar (and in some areas more)  horse power than the PS3, so why it can’t be leveraged is one that raises a lot of intrigue among both myself and the gaming community at large.

Regardless it is somewhat of a shame that Xbox 360 players cannot enjoy all the advantages of the premium edition which for all other platforms includes all of these benefits, as well as the four expansion packs currently available:

A few more single player and co-operative missions to play through

Priority queuing position when trying to join servers in game

12 Gold battle packs, which contain various high end items (these are the best drops that can be obtained in game)

A brand new expansion pack; the final stand which brings more than 20 weapons as well as new maps and more into the game. This expansion pack is releasing later this year and will be immediately available for download to premium members.

Exclusive camo’s, dog tags and painting options to customize your character with.

However if you’re lucky enough to be playing and enjoying Battleifield on another platform, you’ll be able to buy the premium edition of the game for $60 (£40, or your regional equivalent) on October 21, 2014. As someone who owns


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