Battlefield 5, the Successor to Battlefield 4 Pushed to 2016

Electronic Arts and DICE release Battlefield 4 had a very wacky start. The first person military shooter was a disaster when it was launched in 2013 because of the numerous bugs and issues found within the game. Players never had the experience intended by the developers and the problem was so annoying that some even went to the court to sue EA and DICE for their attitude of releasing a game that was never complete.

After a year, it is much better with regular updates, community test servers and the attention that DICE has put into it. In a recent interview, the boss of the company admitted that the bad launch of the title has crushed gamer’s trust on them and they have to win it back only through hard work. Maybe, it is why the company has chosen to go for a 2016 release for Battlefield 5.

Hardline is There

Battlefield Hardline is going to be the title that fills up the space in between which is getting launched in 2015. The game will be out early in the year and we are not sure how EA expects players to wait two more years for Battlefield 5 to come out. Meanwhile, all the five DLC packs for Battlefield 4 has got released with the Final Stand pending. All of them are equally addictive and if you enjoy military shooters, buying the game now would be a worthy purchase because it is much better than it used to be a year ago.

A majority of the bugs and glitches has been fixed which gives players an amazing game play experience. The team at DICE is still working to fix more things and we expect it to be a complete title in 2015, which is the version that players were supposed to have had in 2013 during its original release date.

Avoid Smothering Players

EA is keen this time to make sure Battlefield 5 doesn’t smother players with too much of the franchise. It could lead to the downfall of the series and the company doesn’t want such a disaster to happen. They really want to make sure things are under control and that they can continue to release one title every two years to keep it alive. Besides, they have other titles including Star Wars Battlefield scheduled next year and need more time to make sure the upcoming game which is the successor for Battlefield 4 doesn’t face the bad fate but impresses their ardent fans.

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