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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Best iPhone 5s Cases – Let’s Take A Closer Look

Best iPhone 5s Cases – Let’s Take A Closer Look By – Nov 16, 2014 0 0 SHARE

It is wish for everyone that his or her iPhone 5s will always look newer and pristine.

To ensure this, you simply need to have some decent protection such as cases to your iPhone. The most important role of using cases is safeguarding it from accidents that may cause it to malfunction as well as have a bad look. The best thing is that the cases and covers of this iPhone are available in various designs to match your likes. It is therefore very important for you to know the best iPhone 5s cases available to help you when purchasing one. Below are some of such best types of cases.

Case-mate naked tough iPhone
This is a two-piece case and contains a bumper around the iPhone. It normally comes with metallic buttons so as to give a complete protection. This case can also perfectly fit iPhone 5 since iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are almost similar. This case allows enough room for flash plus the TouchID home button.

Barely There
This type is available in different colors. This makes it a perfect replacement for the Apple’s iPhone 5s leather cases. It is very thin and this makes it a favorite to most people. It is not very expensive and its price ranges around $25.00

Trent Trentium case
It is slim and thus has a decent size. It is made in such a way that it combines a hard polycarbonate back cover, a soft TPU layer and a hard inner case. The hard polycarbonate back cover can be changed and it comes in different colors such as black, gold and silver. The port covers are very stiff thus making it a perfect protection.

Spec SmartFlex Card case
It is a flexible TPU case and it is easy to fit it into your iPhone 5s. It has a raised bezel in order to protect the screen if by accident it lands face down. It also covers the buttons despite being very stiff. This case has an added extra thing that looks like a pocket at the back. You can slide your cards and cash into it. This pocket like can hold a maximum of three cards comfortably.

Caseology Bumper case
It is very basic, cheap and simple making it more affordable. It is available in seven colors and each has a subtle-shiny pearl coating. It is thin though there is a lip for protecting the screen if it lands face down. The cut-outs are precise and it is generally designed well.

MediaDevil leather Pouch case
This awesome case is hand-crafted from leather. These pouches come in different colors together with stitching finishes so that you can get what you want. The pouch feels lovely in hand and is of high quality. It fits tightly thus making it secure and safe. For you to slide it out, you just need to pull the tab at the back.

Other great iPhone 5s cases include the following
Spigen Tough Armor case
LifeProof iPhone 5s Nuud case
PDP Nintendo NES Controller case
Mophie Space Pack
UAG Maverick case
Incipio Feather
Watson and many others.

So there you some of the best iPhone 5s cases. Which one do you fancy?


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