Blackberry Passport – A Close Look To Features, Design, Specs And Price

BlackBerry Passport is the greatest device under the BlackBerry smartphones. It has an oddly square-shaped design and its size is similar to that of a real passport.

It has beautiful hardware together with a sleek design which makes it to be an ideal work phone. There is no doubt that this device beats all other devices available in the market due to its features.

Large touch screen

The touch screen of BlackBerry Passport is large such that it provides an amazing reading and viewing experience. This gives you a wider vision which unleashes all your capabilities. It is designed for better web browsing, apps, reading, maps and editing experience. You will be able to do the following comfortably

  • Read an email without scrolling down and up to respond faster
  • See full desktop web page on your screen
  • See all details on a map so as to find where you want to go quickly
  • Edit and view documents and presentations on the spot

New touch keyboard

This device takes iconic keyboard to the next level. Its physical keyboard will give you more typing accuracy as well as more screen space to see what you are doing. This device is also touch-enabled to make you do many functions on the keyboard. The screen is responsive to touch to help you scroll down and up the web pages, slide the keys to move the cursor or flick to type. It is only BlackBerry that can take a crafted keyboard to make it better.

Battery power lasts for long

BlackBerry Passport is known to have an amazing battery life. It delivers the best battery performance that is updated with an impressive 3450 mAh battery. It also has an optimization of power consumption to ensure that power is well utilized. It is also worth noting that this phone can keep going for as long as you want.

Your personal assistant

BlackBerry Assistant helps you to manage your contacts, calendar, emails and other features via text and voice commands. It also assists you to execute tasks faster such as responding to essential emails, getting directions or scheduling a meeting. The app is intelligent enough to respond to what you want. You just need to speak freely to it and it shall respond in kind. You can also type a query and again it shall respond by displaying the information on the screen.


  • Weighs 196g
  • LCD display with a resolution of 1440 by 1440 pixels
  • Processor of 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • 32 GB internal storage (raw hardware), 25 GB internal storage (available to user) and 3 GB RAM.
  • Nano (4FF) SIM card size


The price of Blackberry is not very expensive as it costs only $599 and a warrant is given. Other features of this phone include getting messages in one place, a fast and responsive browser, powerful speakers and quad microphone system among many others.

So there you have all of the above, which are reasons as to why this device is so great and thus why you should consider if to buy one.

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