Boom Beach – Do the New Updates by SuperCell Make It A Better Game?

SuperCell has launched a new update for their new favorite game Boom Beach.

This game is somewhat similar to Clash Of Clans in the sense that it is a combat strategy game and you are to train your troops and make them strong enough to help you in your conquest of beaches.

While Boom Beach has been doing a splendid performance and gamers have really loved the game, but SuperCell felt the need to bring in the right kind of changes such that the game could continue prospering and climbing on the popularity meter.

The Main Changes That Have Been Brought

The latest update to the game has been called as “A new hope for victory screen enthusiasts” as the main change has been in the victory screen that you used to see. Apart from this, there are further changes too, as you can see some new models and animations that have been added to it. Further, a few screen pop up containing information has been added to the game too.

Another major thing that has been updated has to be the rebalancing aspect. The defensive statue boost time which was available has been decreased and the amount of gold that the Kual village used to produce upon being freed has been decreased as well. Even the awards that were available as player base resource have been decreased. Overall, gamers are of the opinion that this game has been leveled up and made slightly difficult for playing.

Perhaps, the developers wanted to challenge the gamers to ensure that the interest factor does not fall down a great deal. It is common to find that gamers are interested in a game as long as there is something challenging in it. If it becomes too easy, the interest factor dies off.

The developers have explained the details of the changes and the need to do so on their support forums. Some gamers had criticized the updates calling it needless and unnecessary. However, the developers believe that it is with these changes that the game is much more balanced now and it is definitely going to improve the kind of attention that people will have when they are playing this game.

Are Updates Going to Be Frequent?

It is no surprise that developers keep launching updates from time to time. You will find that these updates are mainly targeted to either add a few minor tweaking or the main aim is to address the possible problems and concerns which the users may have pointed out.

When the errors and bugs are fixed, it generates a positive response for the game. With this new update in Boom Beach, gamers are going to opt for a little change of plan as they will try harder. The developers are optimistic that it is these tiny updates that help them in portraying the dedication they have towards the games.

No one likes to play the same game forever. We all crave for changes and SuperCell is doing all it can to push its game up the popularity chart.

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