Boom Beach – Tips on How to Get a High Score

Supercell, the company that created Clash of Clans is also behind Boom Beach production.

The game’s fame has tremendously increased over time and players are seeking means of succeeding in this game. Here are some tips and tricks you can apply in order to succeed in this strategy game.

Basics of Battle

Make it a point to understand the basics of battle, before you go ahead and attack. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your troops. An example is the great tanks – Heavies. They are capable of taking a lot of damage and have low Damage per Second (DPS). On the other hand, Zookas have high DPS and low defense.

Build and Upgrade Saw Mills and Residence

You need to gather up more gold and wood resources to improve the troops. You can use these resources to put up saw mills and residents. More residents will earn you more gold. In order to have a balance between residents and saw mills, you can decrease the trees that are around your island and then barter the wood for gold.

Acquire Free Gems

There are 2 means of getting free gems. The first one is when a treasure chest appears on the map, and the second is by completing achievements. There is one specific achievement that will earn you 300 gems if you can acquire 200 points, otherwise the rest of the achievements give you a small number of gems.

Construct a Vault

Saving up resource is a wise idea since upgrading a building is very expensive. To have your resources protected and stored up somewhere, you need to put up a vault. The vault will also offer protection to the resources that are not in it. Before your base is attacked by enemies, it is important to construct and upgrade your vault in good time.

Resource Control

You can earn yourself some income when you attack and conquer an island and setting its natives free. You can also charge them a fee in form of taxation for offering them protection. At this point, you are at liberty to have full control over the resources of that island.

Destroy the Enemy’s Main Building

The main building of your enemy must be destroyed in order for you to be victorious in the game. The main building, which is the headquarters, should be your main target whenever you are approaching the enemy. However, the enemy might be well prepared with a strong defense, making it difficult for you to destroy the headquarters. Nevertheless, if you can destroy the building without killing your troops, then you earn points.

Before Attacking Spy the Enemy’s Camp

Boom Beach being a strategy game, you need to lay clear and outright strategies on how to attack and emerge victorious without killing your troops. To be able to do this effectively, it is necessary to spy on the enemy’s camp prior to your attack.

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