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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Boom Beach vs. Clash of Clans – Comparing the Gameplay to Determine…

Boom Beach vs. Clash of Clans – Comparing the Gameplay to Determine the Best Free Gaming App By – Dec 10, 2014 87 0 SHARE

Cloning Clash of Clans

Supercell has followed Clash of Clans and Hayday with another new mobile game, Boom Beach. Boom Beach is the third game from Supercell. This military game has been set in an archipelago and is mainly inspired by Clash of Clans. Galaxy Life by Digital Chocolate was the inspiration behind Clash of Clans. Though Boom Beach seems to be a clone of Clash of Clans, it is fun and also unique in its own way.

Boom Beach Plot

In Boom Beach, there is an archipelago of several unique islands, where the player can set up his base. The evil Blackguard army has set up their bases in all the other islands. The player has to develop a military force that is strong enough to destroy the Blackguard arm in each of the islands. When they wipe out the enemy base, the native islanders are freed and they help the player in ridding the evil Blackguard from the rest of the islands by the donation of gold.

Plot of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was released in the App Store in 2012. The plot revolves around creating a village and then populating it to cover the needs of the warring tribe. The player has to build a town hall and a gold mine for the money and then an army camp for holding warriors. He has to also construct an Elixir collector for gathering resources from ether, and continue the architectural work. The camp slowly converts into a fortress and the player is able to unlock more and more types of buildings. You can also forge an alliance with another player and upgrade the barracks, creating various types of units. There are battles to be fought using great skills. The initial battles are easy, but when you run up against enemy barricades having cannons and strong walls, it becomes more difficult.

Change in Combat

There are some changes in combat that differentiates the game play of Clash of Clans from Boom Beach. For instance, you can keep the surviving troops in the battle in case of Boom Beach. In Clash of Clans, the player loses all the units that are deployed, even if they have survived after the raid. In Boom Beach, the player can invest in costly tanks and he is able to use these tanks again and again, if they can be kept alive. This change is quite important, as it is necessary to keep the troops alive. By keeping troops alive, the player does not have to spend on resources or train troops repeatedly. Due to this change, the player can conduct multiple raids, on a back-to-back basis and does not need to wait for half an hour to retain the army after a run.

Changes Off Battlefield

There are also some changes in the game off the battlefield. In Boom Beach, the player has to generate gold and wood as well as stone and iron. In the beginning, it is only gold and wood. However, in Boom Beach, villagers can construct and upgrade a single building, one at a time. In case of Clash of Clans, you can use premium currency for purchasing a maximum of 5 builders and they can work simultaneously.

Multiplayer Component

Both Boom Beach and Clash of Clans have a multiplayer component, so the player can conduct raids on other bases belonging to other players and collect the loot. If you get success against another player, you can get Victory Points. This is a kind of ranking system where you get matched with other players having similar ranks.


In the final analysis, Boom Beach can be termed as a direct descendent of the previous Game, Clash of Clans. However, Boom Beach offers some new twists in the gameplay and is worth playing, even for those who are tired of Clash of Clans.


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