Candy Crush Saga and Its Delicious Looking Candies – Learn the Special Tips and Tricks Here

Candies are what make up Candy Crush Saga.

They are the main items you need in order to play the game and they come in different colors and types of candies. There are regular candies which make up the board. A special formation of these regular candies will create special candies. Special candies have different effects. Some special candies cannot be created but they make an appearance on higher levels in the game. If you wish to score higher, you’ll want to keep an eye on special candies. They are your easiest solution to earn those 3 stars in each level.

Striped Candies

Striped candies are the easiest special candies you can form. Sometimes, they’re even created without your doing anything through the cascades. Striped candies are just regular candies but have stripes on them. They would clear an entire column or row when they’re matched. Which direction it will clear depends on the direction of the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical. Striped candies are created by matching four regular candies. Match the candies in a row and you will create a vertically striped candy; match them in a column and you will have a horizontally striped candy.

Wrapped Candies

A wrapped candy looks like a regular candy but wrapped in the same color. It is formed by forming an L, T, or + shaped regular candies. When activated, a wrapped candy can clear a 3×3 space in the board that consists of 8 candies. After the candies were dropped, the wrapped candy will explode once more. Although a wrapped candy doesn’t have a long range, it can clear more candies than a striped candy.

Color Bomb

Easily everyone’s favorite special candy, a color bomb is a chocolate ball that has sprinkles all over it. It can be formed by matching five same-colored candies in a row or column. Why is it a favorite special candy? A color bomb can be switch with just about any candy as long as the candy is not inside a blocker. When switched with a regular candy, all regular candies with the same color will be cleared. If it is accidentally activated, the color bomb will randomly select a candy itself.

Jelly Fish

Jelly fish can’t be created by any formation. It just appears on its own in jelly levels. A jelly fish is just like a regular candy in that it’s also colored like them. When a jelly fish is activated, three jelly fish will appear and randomly clear three candies. If a jelly fish swims onto a double jelly, it will clear one layer of the jelly.

Coconut Wheel

Another special candy that cannot be created, coconut wheel only appears in the ingredients level in Candy Crush Saga. If a coconut wheel is switched with the candy beside it, it will turn the three candies next to it into striped candies. The striped candies will then be activated. It’s especially useful if you switch it with a candy horizontally, because the striped candies that will be formed can bring an ingredient from the top to the bottom of the board.

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