Candy Crush Saga – Enjoy the Sweetness of Candies

Whether it is a social media site or a site for hanging out with friends, everywhere you see friends inviting you to play one of the most popular games in the mobile world “Candy crush Saga”.

Yes, first it was the Angry Bird mania driving everyone crazy. Then came the Candy Crush Saga which conquered the world. The game became so popular that one could see millions of people tapping their mobile phones and tablets trying to row up the sweet jelly beans and candies to crush them.

It was developer King, who first started the Candy Crush Saga for Facebook users in the year 2012. Little did the developer know that the game he started for a social media website would become a craze among the public. Today, the game has about 46 million users across the world.

Candy Crush Saga – The Crowd Puller

If you have started playing this amazing game, you must have surely understood what makes the game a crowd puller. The game has a colorful interface which surely attracts attention. And not to mention the simple game play, which even small kids can understand. All these make the game a truly entertaining one. No wonder, the Time magazine rated it as one of the most addictive games ever played.

Candy Crush Saga and its Different Avatars

Devious Design Game for Candy Lovers

The game has several levels and each game has several colored candies. Players have to collect these candies facing several obstacles. As the player overcomes the obstacles, he or she will be able to collect different colored candies. The game has an array of colored candies which is addictive and alluring. There is the red jelly bean, orange colored lozenge and a blue colored lolly pop. If you think that the list is over, then you are in for more surprise. There are the green Chiclets, yellow lemon drops and a purple cluster.

Base Level Games

In the first level, you have to swap the positions of the adjacent candies either from top to bottom, bottom to top or across the sides. The player has to join sets of three or more candies and they must be of the same color. Each level will have an objective that players have to fulfill like clearing the jellies on the board, or getting the ingredients to the bottom of the board, etc.

Candy Crush Saga – A Complete Entertainment

As the player proceeds to higher levels, the game becomes more exciting. Blocks appear in the form of chocolate bombs, liquorice swirl etc. Players have to create several combinations of candies, like wrapped candies, swirled candies, etc.

Though the game can be downloaded and played for free, after playing several levels, you will be tempted to play for certain things like special bonus items. As you go up, the game becomes more addictive and you tend to buy extra credits or lives from your friends to stay alive. Truly, the game is exciting.

Are you bored while waiting to catch up your flight? Then why don’t you kill your boredom with the sweet candy crush saga game on your mobile or tablet. Just as the old adage says “Patience bears fruit”, you can win several prizes while playing and waiting to catch your next flight.

So, are you ready for the game?

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