Candy Crush Saga Free Download – The Basics You Need to Know Before Playing

Earlier, it was Angry Birds and later Candy Crush Saga, with millions of players tapping as well as swiping at their tablets or smartphones, while trying to form rows and columns of candies and crushing them.

It is a game that has the maximum number of downloads in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iTunes Store for the past many months. Whether you have played this game or not, you must have surely seen notifications of the game on your Facebook page and this might have tempted you to try it at least once

The Design

The game is a free download type, so you can just download it within a few minutes and start playing immediately. However, though the game is a free one, there are certain items like bonus features, by which the user is tempted to buy with real money. The game is a very addictive one and as you start playing the higher levels, it becomes really difficult and it is at this point that you will be tempted to buy some of those bonus items with actual money.

The Interface

It is important to know the interface of the game, the functions of each button and so on. For instance, many players don’t know what the prize wheel does, the sending of lives, reshuffling the board and many other such small details. It is also important to know the board in different levels, as different levels have different features. For instance, some levels have ingredients moving in a particular column, etc.

Candy Combinations

There are many players who might also have reached higher levels in the game but are still unaware of the basic differences, such as vertical striped candies and horizontal striped candies, the candy combinations that you can make, etc. Knowing all these details will make it easier to play the game.


Boosters help to make the game play easier and there are many boosters in this free game. Each of these boosters serves a different purpose and the same boosters cannot be useful in all levels. Players get some boosters that get unlocked at certain levels and also get a booster daily from the prize wheel. You can also purchase boosters in this game using real money. It is important to know the different boosters and the way they function, so that you don’t waste these boosters. You must try to save the boosters for difficult levels and only make use of them if you think you cannot pass the level without them.


Blockers are just the opposite of boosters and they are there for making the game level more difficult. There are different types of blockers that are introduced at different levels. You must learn about them and also learn about how they can be eliminated in the least number of moves.

Having a Plan

There are certain levels where you can succeed only by having a definite plan of action instead of just going about randomly crushing candies. However, there are other levels where random crushing also gets you a sugar crush. However, for the more difficult levels, it is better to have a plan, such as starting from the bottom of the board or on the left side or removing the chocolates first or the licorice and so on.

Social Networking

The social networking aspect of the game adds to the fun and it is also necessary to keep your friends close, as you will need their help for unlocking certain levels, for giving you lives and so on. You can also share your achievements with them and vice versa, as the scores can be publicly announced.

Candy Crush is a free download game and can be really addictive. Sometimes, it takes several days and several attempts to pass a particular level, but don’t give up too soon and just keep trying till you get the lucky combination of candies to lead to a sugar crush.

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