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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Candy Crush Saga – The Only Tips You Need to Succeed

Candy Crush Saga – The Only Tips You Need to Succeed By – Oct 18, 2014 4 1 SHARE

Millions of people have been so touched with the magic of Candy Crush Saga that it was consistently in the top lists of popular game for the past year.

The game is available to download for free for the iOS and Android devices, but in-app purchases are available as well. You can buy extra lives and moves to have a better chance of advancing each level. However, if you don’t want to spend any money on the game, that’s fine, too. Candy Crush Saga is meant to be played as a form of relaxation and you can easily pick up where you last left off.

Take Time to Learn Candy Crush Saga Tricks

If you’re just starting to discover Candy Crush Saga, a few tricks and tips here and there are what you need. It’s also okay to experience and discover the secrets of the game as you go along each level but if you want to move to upper levels faster then there are only a few, but important, tips that you need to know. Once you’ve learned these tricks, each level will be easier to navigate, however, as you progress, the levels become more difficult to complete. That’s why it’s even more important to know these tips so that you’ll get the upper hand in every level.

Special Candies

For sure, you’ve already come across these special candies, whether by accident or not. There are the sprinkled donuts, striped candies, and wrapped candies. These candies don’t just come out of nowhere as there are patterns that lead to these three. Sprinkled donuts can be formed with 5 matching candies, striped candies with 4 while the wrapped candy will be formed with an L shape matching candies.

Use the Special Candies for Combo

The special candies can be combined with each other and when they are used in a combo, they can easily wipe out a huge portion of the board. The best combinations are the striped candy and wrapped candy, and the striped candy with a sprinkled donut. These combinations are perfect when the boards are separated and some places are difficult to reach. You can also never go wrong with a 2-wrapped candies combo, which will blast a huge area in the board.

Destroy the Chocolate

One of the hindrances of making it to the next level is the chocolate which blocks candies. Chocolates can be destroyed and when you destroyed them, they won’t appear on your next move. However, you can’t completely stop them from coming because in several levels, there’s a machine inside the board that creates the chocolate. The trick is to destroy as much chocolate blocks as you can, as you work on your goal.

Don’t Get Too Hung Up on Chocolates

Because chocolates block the candies, sometimes you’ll spend more time destroying the chocolates than completing the goal for that level and before you know it, you’ve run out of moves or time. Don’t forget the goals you need to finish while blasting off the chocolates.


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