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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Candy Crush Saga – Tips and Tricks for Scoring High

Candy Crush Saga – Tips and Tricks for Scoring High By – Oct 15, 2014 0 2 SHARE

Anyone can play Candy Crush Saga as long as you are patient and have an eye for color combo scenarios.

All you have to do is arrange not less than three candies of the same color next to each other, in any direction – horizontally, vertically or diagonally and gain points. The aim, as with any other game, is to gain points – the more the better. With a whopping 385 levels and more than 25 episodes, you are bound to be held captive for hours on end. Gone are the endless hours spent sitting in public transportation staring into space.

If you are on Facebook, you can play Candy Crush Saga. If not, then you can use your iPhone, iPod, iPod or any Android device that is in your possession.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga

Once you start the game and can see the game board, use your pointer to move the candies across the grey areas of the board. Every move must be calculated for maximum impact. The number of moves you can make is indicated on the board. Once you exhaust these moves, the game ends and your total score is added up.

If you do not attain a specified number of points by the end of the game, you can still retry the level, but you will lose one of your five lives. Of course, once you lose all these five lives, you will have to start all over.

Strategies to Win Candy Crush Saga

Try to match more than three candies in one go. Match 4 candies to receive a special candy that can burst a whole row when matched to another set of two same-colored candies to make three. Match 5 candies and you will receive color bombs – sprinkled chocolate balls that burst any candies on the board of the same color of your choosing.

Save any boosters that you may have earned at the beginning of the game. The beginning of the game is relatively easier and you can amass points without much of a fuss. As you progress from level to level, things may start to get difficult. When you get to a level that may be frustrating and are unable to continue, your boosters will come in handy.

As you become adept at playing Candy Crush Saga, you may be able to tell right from the onset boards that may be too difficult to play. For instance, levels where boards have several gaps or are not rectangular-shaped per say, make it challenging to create rows of similar colored candy. The trick here is to reshuffle the game board before attempting any moves. To reshuffle, all you need to do is to exit the game or use one of your boosters.

Finally, ignore suggestions you receive from the game. Candy Crush Saga is designed to offer random suggestions where a player takes too long without making a move. Only use these suggestions when you are out of options and probably are playing a level with a timer option.


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