Candy Crush Saga – Why Candy Crush Is the Most Played Game Today

Nowadays there are several games that require you to line up and match colors or shapes in threes for them to blast away making room for another set.

But none of them is as engaging, infuriating and addictive as’s very own Candy Crush Saga. It is infused with cutesy graphics and colors that are sweet. The starting levels are extremely easy and with time you get accustomed to the dynamics of the game while you are rushing through the levels.

To start with, you have 5 lives meaning you have 5 chances to complete a level. When you fail, a life is lost and the lost lives are regenerated over time (an hour or so) after which the lives refill and you can continue playing.

How the game works

There are various colored candies that are randomly placed on the board at the beginning of every level. The goal is to match the same colored candies in threes such that they pop into showers of points making room for more supply to trickle down.

It gets more complicated than that. Match 4 colors to get a bomb that detonates a complete line vertically or horizontally. Matching 5 candies creates a sherbet fizz. Combining this fizz with any selected color zaps all the candies with the selected color of the board.

If you make any L or T- shapes on the board, you will create a candy bomb that explodes, destroying any 3 by 3 grid around it twice. You can combine any of the specials and the effect will be massive.

It is worth noting that creating these special candies is not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes getting any good lines or combos can be a pain. This is because of the way the candies are randomly placed on the board. It is very easy to get backed into a corner, especially when there are no moves left.


There are different levels, and some are easier to beat than others. There are those for scoring points, for popping jelly and the chocolate monster level. The chocolate level is the real deal where you might end up pulling out your hair because the chocolate devours all the candies in its path. You could spend days or even weeks trying to complete one level.

Just when you think it cannot get any more difficult, it does. Each level has a set number of available moves. Some levels have several moves leading to the Sugar Crush finale while other levels seem like they do not have enough moves. You need to be patient, and sometimes luck plays a role in completing such levels.

Having money could help as well. The game developers have installed an in-app purchase segment where you can purchase lives (maximum of 5), hammer lollipops and many other items at a go. Be careful for if you are not patient you could end up spending a lot of money.

Regardless of the difficulties in certain levels and the added expenses, Candy Crush Saga remains the most played game today.

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