Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV – Which Streaming Device to Buy?

Chromecast is Cheaper

If you are wondering which media streamer to purchase, both Chromecast from Google and Amazon Fire TV are good options. Chromecast is cheaper of the two, but it does not come with an inbuilt remote and you need a phone or a tablet for controlling the device. However, Amazon Fire TV is more expensive: but it is very useful if you subscribe to the video service of Amazon. If you buy Chromecast from Google, you can get free access to its Unlimited Music.

Design Comparison

When Google’s Chromecast was first released, it created quite a storm in the streaming world. The Chromecast stick works a little differently, when compared to the set top box of Amazon Fire. The Amazon Fire TV is a small set top box, and is similar to Apple TV. The device comes with a remote that can be used for voice searching. It also has a Bluetooth controller for games that can be played from the App store of Amazon. It has to be connected using an HDMI cable with a power supply.

On the other hand, Chromecast looks like a large USB flash drive. You can plug it into the HDMI inputs of the television or a USB port of the TV. As it does not have a remote, you need another device, such as a smartphone or a tablet for controlling it. You can also use a desktop or a laptop.

Comparing Content

The Amazon Fire TV is useful if you have a Prime Video subscription with Amazon. You can watch movies and television shows from the streaming device. However, it is not mandatory. You can use the device for watching YouTube or the BBC iPlayer and need not even use any of Amazon’s services. But this does not make much sense. Apart from Amazon Instant Video, you can also access many movies and television shows on an ‘on demand’ basis, which means that you can buy them or rent them. Some apps are installed in the device, such as Netflix, Sky News, Spotify and many others. You can also install some from the Appstore, but there is no access to Google Play, Movies and Television. All Fire TV applications and games can be viewed on the website.

Chromecast also enables watching YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies and Television and a lot more. However, Amazon Instant Video is not present.

Which is Better?

It is quite difficult to say that one device is better than the other. Both Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV are different video streamers. Chromecast is cheaper of the two, but you need a compatible device, such a phone, a laptop or a tablet for controlling it. It is better to have a tablet or a smartphone for a remote in this case. In addition, there are not too many applications that have Chromecast support. However, those who want to play their own video collection can do so with both the devices with Plex app support. However, Amazon Fire TV is more powerful in this respect. Amazon Fire TV is able to deal more efficiently with even huge media libraries, when compared to Chromecast. In case of using the content that you purchase or rent from Amazon or from Google, you can use only the hardware of the particular device. You cannot access Amazon content with Chromecast and vice versa. The number of games that are available in Amazon Fire TV is quite little. Moreover, many of these games are created for touchscreens; so they may not be suitable. You cannot consider that these devices will double and work as a games device as well. In the final showdown, you might want to consider the content that you wish to watch and then make a decision.

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